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Inventory of Bridges Book

The purpose of the Inventory of Bridges Book/Bridge Log Book is to be a guide in the posting of legal load limits (or ratings) of less than 16 tons and to provide other useful general Information pertaining to the bridges under the jurisdiction of INDOT.

The data contained in the Bridge Log Book has been compiled from information contained in the files of the Bridge Inspection Unit of the Division of Program Development. Most likely, some errors, omissions, or discrepancies exist. The present policy is to print a revised tabulation every other year and to update this online book quarterly. In order that the latest information is contained in this tabulation, anyone finding errors or omissions is required to inform the Bridge Inspection Engineer of the Indiana Department of Transportation. It will be necessary to give special consideration to the structures which become damaged, where failures occur, or where inspection discloses that the structure has been weakened by deterioration.

  • Bridge Log Book Format and Distribution (approximately 3.5 Mb, 28 pages)
    Contains distribution letter, preface, county numbers, column headings, abbreviations, bridge statistics, Wabash river bridges, Ohio river bridges, critical facilities, past publications, and maps of the districts and sub districts.
  • Bridge Log Book - October 10, 2006 (approximately 5.2 Mb, 849 pages)

Contact Information

Andrew Fitzgerald
Bridge Inspection Manager
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 642
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 232-0913
Email: AFitzgerald@indot.in.gov

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