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  • $100 Non-refundable Application Fee
  • $25 Replacement Plate Fee
  • $40 Transfer of Ownership Fee
  • $100 Addendum Fee
  • Up to a $400 Late Fee


Please use our EPS system to apply for a permit. If you do not already have an EPS account please click on register for a new account.  Fill out the information and click on the green register button at the bottom.  When you received the EPS email, click on the link and it will take you to the EPS login page. 


Check the status of your permit at: EPS Login

  1. Where permit is in review process
  2. See any additional info requests
  3. Notification when permit is approved

Note: The username and password are required 


A permit from the Indiana Department of Transportation is required in order to erect and/or maintain any outdoor advertising sign, display or device, except those noted below within 660 feet of a sign control route.

Sign control routes consist of the Interstate System, federal-aid primary system, National Highway Intermodal Connector Highway Systems. No outdoor advertising signs, displays, or devices intended to be read from the traveled way may be erected beyond 660 feet of the right-of-way of the sign control rules. Those signs not requiring a permit are on premise signs, for sale signs and underground public utility warning signs.

Additionally, the issuance of this permit shall in no way preclude the actions of any state agency, including INDOT, from initiating legal proceedings against the applicant for violations of any State Law or Federal Law, Including without limitation, violations of federal or state environmental laws and regulations; nor is this approval intended to influence any action currently pending before a local board, commission or agency. Please reference 105 IAC 7-3-1 et al. for any explanation or information required by this application. Failure to provide truthful, accurate and adequate information required by this application constitutes sufficient cause for the application or subsequent permit to be denied, cancelled or revoked.

Become an IN.Gov Subscriber:

Permits can be paid for by credit card or through monthly billing from IN.Gov. Subscribing to the IN.gov Portal will allow you access to more State agency services. For more information about the additional services, please call IN.Gov at 1-888-446-3468 and select option #1.

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