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2013-2035 Future Transportation Needs Report

Future transportation planning is a continuous, cooperative, and comprehensive process. It establishes a vision for future transportation investments, examining critical trends, issues, and future-year needs to provide Hoosiers the highest level of mobility and safety possible to meet the needs of economic development and quality of life.
The Indiana 2013-2035 Future Transportation Needs Report functions as the INDOT Long-Range Transportation Plan. The development of this report was carried out under 23 CFR 450.214 federal regulations, which requires states to develop and periodically update statewide transportation plans with a minimum of a 20-year planning horizon.

The Indiana 2013-2035 Future Transportation Needs Report replaces the 2007 Long-Range Transportation Plan document. INDOT has adopted a non-project specific, needs-based, statewide transportation approach that identifies future transportation needs and describes overarching strategies and opportunities to accomplish future results. This approach will provide a flexible and opportunistic framework for addressing transportation issues and needs for the next 20-25 years.

The new format also provides a number of web links throughout the document to allow the reader access to more detailed information on subjects, INDOT activities, studies, mode specific planning documents, and transportation programs.

2013 Future Needs Report

The use of Adobe Acrobat Bookmarks makes viewing the Chapters much easier. To Activate, Select Window/Bookmarks on the toolbar or press F5 to toggle on the keyboard. Using Thumbnails (F4) will also assist in viewing the pages.

Early Coordination & Public Comment

INDOT conducted plan coordination and consultation meetings with the state’s 14 Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Regional Planning Organizations, and the six-INDOT Districts representing their respective cities, towns and county planning efforts. This resulted in more than 27 group meetings. Visit 2010 Plan Development Meeting Notes to view the meeting notes.

INDOT’s Planning Staff also traveled to each of the six-INDOT Districts to present the INDOT draft document to the public and stakeholders. These meetings involved a combination of a formal presentation and an open-house format to address public questions.

As part of the INDOT plan update process, INDOT initiated a 45-day public comment period on the INDOT draft document. INDOT received more than 276 public comments on the draft document. As a result of these comments, INDOT made significant changes to the draft document to address concerns, improve flow, and to clarify various statements. Comments are summarized in Appendix A of the report. Specific Comments can be found at Comments PDF .

Plan Update Process

The Future Transportation Needs Report is an evolving document that will be amended and frequently updated on an as-needed basis. All needs, policies, and strategies discussed in this document will be revisited as necessary to respond to: new federal transportation authorization bills, transportation challenges, as well as opportunities.
Revisions will be based on available data, quantitative analysis, public input, INDOT planning partner input, and stakeholder involvement. The development of new future needs reports will follow INDOT’s Annual Program Development Process and the INDOT Public Involvement Policies and Procedures Manual. INDOT Public Involvement outreach and agency listserves will also be used to provide plan update information and collect public and stakeholder input. More information about these elements are available on INDOT’s Public Involvement webpage.

Tell Us What You Think

Indiana citizens play an important role in shaping the transportation decisions that will affect their communities. INDOT is constantly looking for and receiving comments and input from citizens, elected officials, and transportation professionals to support our transportation planning process. INDOT’s public involvement procedures provide opportunities for early and continuing engagement of public and community stakeholders in developing transportation plans, programs, and projects.

Please provide comments either by completing and submitting the Public Comment Form, by email, or by writing to:

INDOT Technical Planning Section
Division of Planning & Asset Management
100 North Senate Ave. Room N955
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2217

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