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Location: County Road Over Number Other Location Information
Warrick Old River Rd. (West 250) Little Pigeon Creek 271 0.5mi S Yankeetown, about 1.25mi south of SR 66
Statistics: Owner Length Width Year Built Type
Warrick County main span: 129 feet, intermediates: 31 and 21 feet 15' 8" 1893 Whipple through truss main span, Kingpost Pony truss intermediates
Builder: Unknown Status: Preserved: County has rehabilitated in place.
Comments: current load rating of 6 tons
Contact: Name E-mail Address Phone
Warrick County Highway Department bhoward@warrickcounty.gov 107 W. Locust St. 
Suite 208
Boonville, IN 47601
(812) 897-6094

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