Shelby 13

Location: County Road Over Number Other Location Information
Shelby CR 875 W Buck Creek 13 1 mile S of Brookfield, 1.5 miles W of London
Statistics: Owner Length Width Year Built Type
Shelby County 95 feet 16 feet ~1890 Pratt Truss
Builder: unknown Status: Status Pending*
Comments: Closed to traffic
Contact: Name E-mail Address Phone
Bonnie Money USI Consultants, Inc. 8415 E. 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN. 46216
(317) 544.4996
* Status Pending: The bridge is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and has been determined “Select” for preservation per the Programmatic Agreement Regarding Management and Preservation of Indiana's Historic Bridges.  The status of this bridge is currently “pending,” which means that its future is currently unknown as the Section 106 historic review process for a proposed FHWA-funded project is on-going.  Depending on the outcome of Section 106 consultation, interested parties may be able to utilize the bridge.  The Shelby County Board of Commissioners is now accepting proposals for the rehabilitation and reuse of the bridge, which may be submitted to the contact above.