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Ecology and Waterway Permitting

The INDOT Ecology and Waterway Permitting Office (EWPO) is responsible for agency compliance with federal and state environmental laws and regulations. The office has two sections ‒ permitting and storm water. The office reviews documents associated with state projects. It does not review documents associated with Local Public Agency projects but recommends following EWPO guidance to facilitate agency application review.
EWPO responsibilities: 

  • Signatory on all agency waterway permit applications 
  • Coordinates with regulatory agencies
  • Oversees INDOT compliance with the Endangered Species Act, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and agency MOUs

Permit Specialists responsibilities:

  • Prepares and reviews Waters of the U.S. reports
  • Conducts permit determinations based on project scope and regulated resources present
  • Reviews and processes waterway permit applications (404, 401 and Construction in a Floodway)
  • Reviews mitigation monitoring plans and oversees monitoring and maintenance activity
  • Conducts site visits to monitor for permit compliance
  • Advises INDOT construction and maintenance staff on waterway permit compliance issues 
  • Reviews karst reports

Storm Water Specialist responsibilities:

  • Reviews and processes storm water permit applications
  • Conducts site visits to monitor for permit compliance                                                                     
  • Assists with storm water training to INDOT staff and contractors
  • Supports Permit Specialists and district Erosion and Sediment Control Specialists
  • Advises INDOT construction staff on storm water compliance issues
  • Assists with compliance with INDOT’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and implementation of the Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SQMP)
  • Develops standard specifications, unique special provisions, and design manual updates relating to storm water

Landscape Architect responsibilities: 

  • Conducts pre- and post-installation plant material inspections
  • Prepares and reviews wetland, stream, and native habitat site designs and landscape planting plans
  • Develops standard specifications and design manual updates relating to landscape construction and materials
  • Supports Permit Specialists with site analysis, mitigation site monitoring and wetland delineations
  • Advises INDOT construction staff on landscape construction issues

Waterway Permit Manual

Ecology and Waterway Links 

Ecology Manual

Introduction to Waterway Permitting

Contact Information

Sandra Bowman
Manager-Ecology & Permits
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave. IGCN 642
Indianapolis, IN 46204


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