Shannon Turner

Shannon Turner is an enrolled member of the Dine’ Nation from Manygoats clan, born for Zuni-Edgewater Clan. Her maternal Grandfathers are Reed People Clan and her paternal Grandfathers are Manymules Clan. She was raised deeply rooted in her traditional Navajo culture, ceremonies, language, and Native American Church and is a fluent speaker of the Navajo language.

Shannon holds a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University with a duo major in special education and elementary education, and has a master’s degree from Indiana University in English as a second language.  In her free time she enjoys making jewelry, beading and playing sports such as volleyball and basketball.

Shannon has a daughter and she and her husband have three boys. Their family is active in the Navajo culture as well as participating in her husband’s ceremonial grounds in Oklahoma. They are also involved in historical re-enactments and work with historic sites to provide educational programs that involve 18th century Eastern Woodlands Indian culture.