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Agent CE FAQs

Q.  What are the licensing requirements for a Resident agent to sell long term care?
A.   Producers must hold either an Accident & Health or Life, Accident & Health license to sell LTC insurance.  Before marketing, selling, or soliciting any LTC products, all producers must:

1)  Complete an 8 hour basic LTC course.  The course may be self-study or online.
2)  After completing the initial 8 hour course, complete a minimum of 5 hours (one 5 hour course or combination of 5 hours) of continuing education in LTC in each license renewal period.  Courses can be self-study or online.
3)  Failure to complete the 5 hour renewal requirement will require completion of the 8 hour basic LTC class again.

1)  To sell Indiana Partnership LTC policies, a producer must comply with the above and complete a 7 hour Partnership LTC course.  This course is a one time course, in-classroom only.
2)  An annual 3 hour Seminar for Partners class is also offered as a refresher course on Partnership. (Not Required)

Q.  What are the licensing requirements for a Non-Resident agent to sell long term care?
A.   The basic 8 hour and 5 hour renewal requirements are waived for agents holding an IN non-resident health license if Indiana has licensing reciprocity with that state.  The 7 hour IN Partnership CE requirement does apply to Non-Resident agents and is not waived.

Q.  Where can I find a record of my CE credits?
A.  An agent is required to keep copies of original CE certificates.  The DOI does not keep copies of certificates.  Insurance companies will request copies of LTC CE certificates when agents submit applications or are appointed.  Starting January 1, 2007, CE providers were required to post CE courses completed on the SIRCON database.  Click here to link to SIRCON database. 

Q.  Will LTC CE credits count toward my CE requirements for my license?
A.  Yes.

Q.  Does another state’s Partnership CE course satisfy Indiana’s Partnership CE requirement?
A.  No.  As one of the 4 “original” Partnership states, Indiana’s Partnership/Medicaid programs are different than other states.  The IN Partnership continuing education course is specific to Indiana.