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The following individuals are the current Commissioners of the Indiana Lobby Registration Commission:



Beverly Gard

Beverly Gard, Commissioner

Joe Micon

Joe Micon, Commissioner

Sue Scholer

Sue Scholer, Commissioner

Terry A. White

Terry A. White, Commissioner


Staff include:

 Edward E. Ferguson

Edward E. Ferguson, Executive Director and General Counsel

Amy Nicholson

Amy Nicholson, Director of Operations


Pam HebenstreitPamela Hebenstreit, Customer Service Representative


The Commission, established by the 1992 Indiana General Assembly, was charged with the responsibilities of registering lobbyists and monitoring their activity.

The Commission's goal is to make available to the public a general profile of lobbying activity in the State of Indiana. The Commission maintains lobbyist records, which are accessible to the public at its office, and publishes an annual report, also available at the Commission office.

The Commission conducts public meetings as necessary and notifies the public in advance of the meetings. For more information, please call the Commission office at 317/232-9860.