Advisory Opinions

Whether lobbyists' contributions to the Women in Government Conference are a reportable lobbying expenditures?

Indiana Lobby Registration Commission

(Ratification vote taken at public meeting of May 23, 2000)


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Contributions made in the form of sponsorship fees to the Women in Government Conference when an Indiana legislator attends the conference are not lobbying expenditures because they are not being made with the intention of influencing legislative action in Indiana. However, should specific facts arise which support a finding that contributions were made with the intention of influencing legislative action, then a reporting duty is triggered.

To remain as non-reportable to the Lobby Commission, funds contributed by a lobbyist to the Women in Government Conference must be used for the Conference only. Funds contributed by a registered Indiana lobbyist which are designated to be used for the direct benefit of any Indiana legislator are considered to be reportable lobbying expenditures.

It is the Commission's understanding that registration is open to members of the public at large and that legislators who attend the Conference will receive no greater benefit from lobbyists' sponsorship than those benefits received by members of the public attending the conference.