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Pre-Certification of Online Training Courses

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The “Pre-Certification of Online Training” confirms that the online training programs listed below have been reviewed by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and are deemed to be presented in a method that is consistent with the standards required by the Law Enforcement Training Board for valid E-Training.
While the training method has been approved, the content and information with-in the program is not implicitly indorsed or approved by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy or the Law Enforcement Training Board. The accuracy of the content is solely the responsibility of the author and online provider.

DIRECTIONS to receive In-service credit for these online training programs:

  • Open and print the "Pre-Certification" for the course
  • Use the link in the "Pre-Certification" to access the website and register for the course listed at the source website

  • Complete all the requirements of the course

  • Print the documentation of completion

  • Provide copies of both the "Pre-Certification" and the course certificate to your department’s training coordinator.

  • The training coordinator can report the training using the information on the "Pre-Certification" to report the training

List of Certified Courses:


Source  Pre-Cert. Number
(Click the link below) 

Satisfactory for Psychomotor Skill Mandate 

“Sudden, Unexplained Infant Death Investigation: An over View  and Top 25 Critical Points To Consider” Forensic Science Education,

RTI - www.forensiced.org

 35-6000-158-103  (T1-03.20.PCOT.001)  1.0 Hour  NONE
"Epilepsy and Seizure Response for Law Enforcement and EMS"  Epilepsy Foundation of America™  35-6000-158-103  (T1-03.34.PCOT.002)  0.75  Hour  NONE
"Suspicious Activity Reporting, Line Officer Training" The National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center (NCIRC), LEAPS.TV 35-6000-158-103 (T1-03.27.PCOT.003) 0.25 Hour NONE
"Active shooter: What You Can Do" IS-00907 Emergency Management Institute, FEMA 35-6000-158-103  (T1-03.26.PCOT.004) 0.75 Hour NONE
"Pursuit Policy" IADLEST

35-6000-158-103 (T1-07.01.04.PCOT.005)

1.0 Hour EVO
"Forming Your Safe School Planning Team" International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 35-6000-158-103(T1-05.01.05.PCOT.006) 1.0 Hour NONE
"Assessing School Safety" International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 35-6000-158-103(T1-05.01.05.PCOT.007) 2.0 Hour NONE
"Preparing for a School Crisis" International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 35-6000-158-103(T1-05.01.05.PCOT.008) 1.5 Hour NONE
"Responding to a School Crisis" International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 35-6000-158-103(T1-05.01.05.PCOT.009) 1.5 Hour NONE
"Death Investigation" Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services through The Texas Forensic Science Academy 35-6000-158-103(T1-06.02.06.PCOT.010) 40 Hours NONE


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