ILEA Free Online Training for Credit

Link to FirstForward

Online Training from ILEA now offered for is free to any Indiana Law Enforcement Officer on FirstForward. Creating an account on FirstForward is also free for Individuals and Departments. Department Training coordinators can be granted Organizational Admin rights with the ability to assign and track training of members of your department. Here is what is really cool; any completed training can easily be submitted to ACADIS with a few clicks.
Individuals can go to to sign up for your free membership on their own or they can be invited by the Organizational Admin.
Department Training Coordinators and Department Heads can setup your Department account and assign an Administrator by contacting FirstForward at 812-330-7101 or email:

Here is a list of some of the new ILEA training you can find on FirstForward:

ILEA, Legal Update: 0001 "VEHICLE INVENTORY"
... ILEA staff attorney Tim Cain reviews two Indiana court cases that guide LEOs through steps for a valid inventory and how to prove your case in...

ILEA, Legal Update: 0002 "Use of Force"
... ILEA staff attorney Tim Cain presents a recent Indiana case concerning the Castle Doctrine and...

ILEA, Legal Update: 0003 "Investigatory Stops/Anonymous Tips"
... ILEA staff attorney Tim Cain looks at a recent Indiana case and, using prior case decisions...

ILEA, Legal Update: 0004 "Disorderly Conduct"
... ILEA staff attorney Tim Cain examines a recent Indiana case on disorderly conduct and discusses how it further defines the criminal...

ILEA, Legal Update: 0005 "Qualified Immunity"
... ILEA staff attorney Tim Cain focuses on a recent U.S. Supreme Court case involving an OIS and...

ILEA, Legal Update: 0006 "Traffic Stops/Duration"
... ILEA staff attorney Tim Cain discusses a recent U.S. Supreme Court case that defines the duration...

"Purpose of Criminal Investigations" 
          Part-1 15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV018)
          Part-2 15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV019)

Electronic Stability Control"
          15 Min (T1-06.00_CSV021)

"Combat Magazine Exchange"
          15 Min (T1-05.01.05_CSV025)

How To Get Credit For Your Online Training

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy offers the following list of class as self guided study for anyone who would like to take them. Indiana Law Enforcement Officers may receive credit for successfully completing these classes.

Please follow the directions below on how to RECEIVE IN-SERVICE CREDIT that will count towards your annual In-Service required hours.

  • You must register for EACH class you wish to take, but can use the same logon and password.
  • Complete all the class requirements with a passing score.
  • Print the certificate of completion.
  • Report the training by submitting a copy of the certificate to your department Training Coordinator.
  • The Training Coordinator will report the training through Acadis as part of your annual in-service training using the ILEA course and provider number (35-6000-158-103) as shown on the certificate.
  • You may only take each class once, you will not receive credit for repeating a class.

(It is your Department's responsibility to report the training, not the Provider's)

Trouble Shooting for Online Training with Adobe Connect

Use this link to make sure your computer has the proper components and the Adobe Connect Add-in to be able to view these programs: 

If you experience a problem with these training programs where they will not progress to the next slide, it may be due to an issue on your network. This problem can be resolved by bringing the issue to the attention of your network administrator. Refer them to this link for information on how to fix the problem: The issue has to do with a network firewall port (frequently 1935) that is blocking flash video from the server. 

Be sure to use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your internet browser, some people have experienced problem when using Google Chrome or Firefox . Problems have been notes with audio and video not playing, problem answering quiz question, and certificate not displaying or printing. If you have any of these issues it is recommended that you try using Microsoft Internet Explorer to see if that resolves the issues.

If you have any other technical difficulties or need help, please email and be sure to include your full name, the email address you used to create your login, a contact phone number with a DETAILED description of the problem, or Tom Bertram at (317) 837-3234. Generally it is faster and easier to trouble shoot problems over the phone, so call if possible.