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NON-LETB Training Providers of online training

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This page is a resource to access Training Providers that are private companies or agencies that are NOT registered with the LETB as certified training providers. This resource is here to help Indiana Law Enforcement Officers find online training that can be reported as part of their annual in-service training requirement. Please follow the procedure below to ensure your training is properly reported.

  1. Before beginning any online course from a NON-LETB provider we recommend that you verify that the course is of suitable subject matter and content for annual in-service training with your Department’s LETB Certified Instructor.
  2. Register for the class at the provider’s website.
  3. Complete all the class requirements with a passing score.
  4. Print the certificate of completion or other documentation that indicates your successful completion of the class.
  5. An LETB Certified Instructor must verify that the online class is valid training by reviewing the training objective and confirming that the training objectives were met by the student.
  6. The LETB Certified Instructor must print their full name, PSID number, and sign the proof of completion documentation or certificate.
  7. Report the training to your department Training Coordinator with a copy of the certificate.
  8. The Training Coordinator will report the training through Acadis as part of your annual in-service training using the LETB Certified Training Instructor’s PSID number.

Providers Websites:

Name web link Cost
Illinois State Police http://www.isp.state.il.us/Leads/LeadsPUB/ Free
Online Police Academy http://www.onlinepoliceacademy.org/   $15 each
C I Net http://www.criticalinfonet.com/law/law-enforcement-training.php Fees
Autism Training Solutions http://www.autismtrainingsolutions.com/ Free and fees
Justice Planning Management Associates http://www.jpmaweb.com/ Fees

LETB Guidelines for E-Training

The Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) has established guidelines for allowing training presented primarily through electronic means to be counted for the annual 24 hour continuing education requirement for certified officers.

The responsibility for determining what type of training and the quality of the training falls to the department training officer and chief executive officer as it always has with the more conventional modes of training.

The LETB has established the following guidelines:

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