ILEA Employment Change Report

ILEA Employment Change Report

ILEA is requesting that agencies keep the academy apprised at all times of current employment status for all officers.  This will allow the agency rosters in the Acadis® Portal to be kept up-to-date, and ensure that each agency is able to review all of their officers’ training and certification records online.  It will also ensure that each agency is able to register their officers online for training in a timely fashion.  Failure to report employment changes properly may result in an inability for an agency to review data online for an officer, or prevent online registration.

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If you have any problems or questions regarding this form, please email or call 317-837-3250 or 317-839-5191. **

When to use this form

Use the ILEA Employment Change form in the following cases:

  1. Permanent separations, such as :
    1. Retirement
    2. Resignation
    3. Termination
    4. Death
  2. Temporary leaves of absence, such as:
    1. Medical disability
    2. Military activation
    3. Administrative leave or suspension
    4. Other temporary leave
  3. Changes in rank, title or position, such as:
    1. Promotion (staying with same agency)
    2. Demotion (staying with same agency)
    3. Internal transfer (staying with same agency)
    4. Position/appointment change (staying with same agency)
    5. Name Change (staying with same agency)

Do not use this form to report new hires for your agency.  To report new hires, use the ILEA New Hire form.

Employee Information

Enter the officer's PSID number below. If the officer has never had a PSID number, leave this form and go to the ILEA New Hire form