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Weatherization Assistance Program (Wx)

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Program provides energy conservation measures to reduce the utility bills of low-income Hoosiers across the state. The WAP program offers clients a permanent solution to reducing their energy bills by making their homes more energy-efficient. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) allocates funds to IHCDA for distribution to our network of local sub-grantees to perform weatherization work.


We are excited to announce that we have selected EIS Data LLC and their system WAPLink as our new weatherization system!

Thank you for your feedback and engagement during the process as we looked at what was possible. We are very excited about the features this software offers and how it can improve efficiency and make processes easier.

We understand this is a big change and can be a scary process. Please rest assured we are here on the journey with you and being very intentional on how this is rolled out.

Timeline: Currently IHCDA is working with EIS to customize their platform to meet Indiana’s weatherization needs. This will be piloted by two agencies. Thank you Brightpoint and Area IV for volunteering to take on this important role!
Once the system has been piloted, we will ensure all agencies are trained and are ready for the system to go live in October.

Questions: We know there are a lot of questions about how things will work- as things are decided we will keep you informed.

To make sure everyone who needs to be informed is kept in the loop- Managers, please email with the names and emails of everyone in your organization that you want us to have on future the tech system update correspondence. This can include data entry staff, fiscal, or anyone in your agency that plays a role that would need to be informed about tech system updates as they are released.

2024 Weatherization State Plan and Supporting Documents

2024 Weatherization Program Policy and Documents


Regional Priority List

  • Click here to access information regarding Regional Priority Lists
    • Note: includes details for Low-Rise Multi-Family, Site-Built Single-Family, and Manufactured dwellings

BIL Weatherization State Plan and Supporting Documents

Information/Forms for Current Sub-Grantees


OSHA 10-hour training is required for all Weatherization workers including auditors, final inspectors, shell workers, mechanical workers, crew supervisors, and HVAC employees who work in the home. For newly hired employees, this training must be completed within the first nine months of employment commencing 45 days from the hire date.

  • Click here to access INCAA Weatherization Training Classes