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CoC Supplemental NOFO

Unsheltered Homelessness and Rural Homelessness NOFO Overview

In June 2022, HUD announced $322,000,000 in funding to address unsheltered and rural homelessness. $54,500,000 of that amount is designated for rural counties. Indiana Balance of State (BoS) CoC is eligible to apply for $28,370,415 in unsheltered homelessness set-aside and $8,691,900 in rural homelessness set-aside. The grants funded through these NOFOs will be three-year terms, and they are eligible for renewal with CoC Program funding. Both NOFOs require submission of projects ranked in accordance with CoC policies, and we must create and submit a CoC Plan to Service Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness with Severe Service Needs. The full application will be submitted to HUD on October 20, 2022.  Individual applications are due September 19, 2022 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

IN=502 IN Balance of State CoC Special NOFO Consolidated Application
IN-502 IN Balance of State CoC Special NOFO Priority Listing

IN-502 Unsheltered and Rural Projects Ranking
Indiana BOS Supplemental NOFO Policies

Supplemental NOFO New Project Application
Supplemental NOFO Units and Budgets - Rural
Supplemental NOFO Units and Budgets - Unsheltered
RPC Review Confirmation Form

2022 CoC NOFO Presentation - New Projects
2022 CoC NOFO Presentation - Renewals

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Unsheltered Homelessness Set-Aside

Indiana has 33 counties that are not considered rural and can only be served by the Unsheltered Set-Aside. We are eligible to apply for $28,370,415, and the focus of this funding is to increase permanent housing and services to rapidly move unsheltered individuals directly into permanent housing. Projects are selected for funding based on the score of the full application, and if we are selected all projects placed in the ranking are funded.

Rural Homelessness Set-Aside

Indiana has 58 counties qualifying to apply for the Rural Homelessness Set-Aside. We can apply for up to $8,691,900 in this NOFO. The funding in this NOFO cannot be used in non-rural counties, but project sponsors do not need to be physically located in the county. The NOFO is designed to serve rural communities and those experiencing homelessness in areas with limited resources. Project selected for funding in this NOFO are placed in a nationwide ranking of projects based on a HUD calculation that includes full application score.

Eligible Projects and Grant Terms

Unsheltered Homelessness Set-Aside

Rural Set-Aside

Eligible costs: Permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing, joint Transitional Housing-Rapid Rehousing, supportive services only, Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Planning

Eligible costs: All eligible costs under the unsheltered NOFO are applicable, except for planning.

Additional eligible costs are:

Rent/utility arrearages, short-term hotel or motel lodging, repairs to units to make them habitable, capacity building (education, job training, etc) to develop and retain staff, emergency food and clothing assistance, purchase of real property including fees, taxes, and rehabilitation

Initial grant term of 3 years, eligible for annual renewal in CoC program competition

Initial grant term of 3-5 years, projects for acquisition, new construction or rehab have 2 years to complete and need to serve program participants by year 3. Eligible for renewal in CoC program competition

CoC Plan to Serve Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness with Severe Service Needs

The largest source of points on the NOFOs is based on the CoC Plan. The plan must answer specific questions and demonstrate our CoC commitment to: comprehensive outreach, access to low-barrier shelter and housing, outreach and identification efforts using project performance data, strategies to address underserved communities and equitable community development, and our CoC efforts to engage individuals with lived experience of homelessness in the planning and decision-making process of our CoC.

Next Steps

Community Services has a detailed project management plan to apply for both the Unsheltered and Rural Set-Aside funding opportunities. This month we are asking the Indiana BoS CoC Board to endorse a framework for completing the application and to develop the CoC Plan. We anticipate releasing applications for both opportunities in early August and will have a project ranking for the IHCDA Board to review at the September 2022 board meeting.