Investor Relations

IHCDA finances the homeownership programs through the issuance of Mortgage Revenue Bonds (MRBs). These bonds, a form of Private Activity Bond, are primarily tax-exempt, meaning that the interest paid to investors is exempt from federal income taxes (though it may be a preference item in the Alternative Minimum Tax calculation). However, taxable bonds are used to supplement volume at times. IHCDA's MRBs are AAA and Aaa rated, by Fitch and Moody's respectively, and are sold through our underwriters and selling group members in three to four issues per year.

On a trial basis, IHCDA is making available an Excel template that upon being loaded onto a Bloomberg system will download all relevant loan data for MBS pools backing IHCDA bonds. Please e-mail to send feedback on this template. Please click on the link below to download the template.

Investor Template

IHCDA has engaged DAC as its Disclosure Provider. To view IHCDA's secondary market disclosure information:

  • Click here to go to
  • In the "DAC for Investors" box on the left, click on "Register" to select your personal username and password
  • Your username and password will be immediately activated
  • Type your username and password in the fields provided on the Home page or Log In page
  • On the bottom of the "Attention" page, click on "Continue"
  • On the left in the "Quick Search", leave the first box defaulted to "Obligor"
  • Type "Indiana Housing " in the second box and click the double arrows
  • Click on "Indiana Housing Finance Authority " to view a list of issues OR click on "Disclosure" to view documents filed

Questions? Please call DAC at 888-824-2663 and speak with a customer service representative.