Soldier Support

Throughout the War on Terror, the Indiana Guard Reserve has been a steadfast presence in the Soldier Readiness Processing Center (SRPC) at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC).  IGR service members have assisted both deploying and returning Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Reserve, and National Guard soldiers as they move through the mobilization and demobilization processes.  At the same time, IGR Chaplains have quietly listened to and counseled soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines in the various life situations and crises they have faced during or in anticipation of deployment.

While the deployments of combat troops have begun to wind down, a new type of deployment is in full stride at CAJMTC: civilian contractors going into the former, and often still, war-torn areas to help local peoples rebuild infrastructure, schools, hospitals, develop profitable agriculture, and essentially move into a brighter future.  The Indiana Guard Reserve continues to assist CAJMTC in this new role by serving in much the same function as we did for the SRPC.  In the IGR's Civilian Escort Mission (CEM), IGR soldiers conduct groups of 30 to 50 civilians around to the different Overseas Processing Stations at Camp Atterbury for their overseas deployment. The civilians typically arrive at Camp Atterbury on Sunday, process on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and are shipped out on Thursday. IGR soldiers stand with them all the way, making sure they get through the various processing stations smoothly and efficiently.

Today's soldiers are not the only ones supported by the IGR, however.  Each year, IGR service members volunteer their time to guide tomorrow's soldiers through a week-long leadership course run by the United States Army Junior Reserve Officer training Corps (JROTC).  Cadets from high schools around the state descend upon CAJMTC for a week of leadership challenges where their ability and willingness to work as a team to accomplish a goal is put to the test in a variety ways.  IGR service members oversee the cadets through challenges such as obstacle courses, rope bridge building, tower rappelling, and water skills.  The week is highlighted by an exciting ride over Camp Atterbury in an Indiana National Guard Blackhawk helicopter.

Whether working with deploying soldiers, or helping build leadership skills in the next generation of soldiers, the Indiana Guard Reserve is proud to support the United States Armed Forces in any way called upon.