Donate Your ACUs!

The Indiana Guard Reserve is an "all-volunteer" force.  Unlike members of the Federal Military and National Guard, IGR service members serve without any form of compensation.  That includes uniforms.  New members of the IGR without prior service typically must spend between $150 and $300 out-of-pocket for an Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and boots just to be ready for their first drill.  Should they want to attend formal functions in uniform, a good Class A "Green" service uniform (if they can find one) or Dress Blues could set them back another $200 (or $500 for the newer ASU.)  All this just to part of "Hoosiers serving Hoosiers", and serving other soldiers, such as warriors deploying to or returning from overseas theaters of operations.

If you are a National Guard, Army Reserve, or Regular Army member leaving the service, would you consider helping the volunteer soldiers that give their time to serve you, and other Hoosiers?  If you have serviceable uniforms - ACUs, Class A "Greens", or even Dress Blues or the new Army Service Uniform - would you consider donating them to the Indiana Guard Support Corporation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicating to supporting the members and mission of the Indiana Guard Reserve?  We will make sure your symbols of service continue serving the people of the State of Indiana through the soldiers of the IGR.

For a more extensive list of the kinds of material donations that may be helpful, please see our "Needed Items" list.  If you have any questions about donating to the IGR through the IGSC, please feel free to contact us at:

Indiana Guard Support Corporation
Tyndall Armory
711 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204-1128
(800) 237-2850 extension 2660

If you would like to donate any material gift, please download and fill out our "Gift-In-Kind" donation form.  You may be able to deduct the fair market value of your gift from your Federal taxes, and you will certainly be helping another soldier serve his State and Country.

And thank you for your service.