Support Command

Take the Point!

LTC Terry Terhune

Support Command of the Indiana Guard Reserve is proud to serve the citizens of the state of Indiana. We are committed to our assigned METL (Mission Essential Task List) in all of our areas of training. To this, we remain READY to Serve.

The unit is composed of volunteer citizen soldiers from all walks of life. Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, administrators, police officers, data processors and technology professionals, warehouse workers, clerk-typists and people in many other career fields have come together to serve their fellow citizens in the State of Indiana.

We typically utilize and train at Stout Field, Tyndall Armory, Camp Atterbury, or the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) in Butlerville, Indiana. Our members, whether prior service or not, bring both their military and professional civilian skills into play and can enhance them by participating in the Military Emergency Management training System, qualifying as Community Emergency Response Team members, and for those so inclined, training to participate in search and rescue missions and other disaster-relief related support missions.

Our mission is to support the Indiana Guard Reserve throughout the State of Indiana on any mission assigned to it by the Governor and Adjutant General of Indiana or their designates. Those missions include emergency management support, family support, and community support, which can help reduce the load or serve as a force multiplier for the Indiana National Guard or others. The Indianapolis Mini-Marathon, the Indianapolis Air Show, Butler University’s Annual Lugar Run, the Stout Field Annual Veteran’s Job Fair, and the Blue Star Annual Event at Stout Field are just a few of the missions in which we participate. Assistance to Columbus Regional Hospital during the 2008 Columbus, Indiana floods is another example.

Support Command - Command and Staff Personnel

Commander LTC Terry Terhune
Executive Officer LTC Jon Mackay
Command Sergeant Major CSM Timothy White
Chaplains 1LT Aaron Campbell
CPL Melissa Campbell (assistant)
S-1 Personnel Officer CPT Jay K. Anderson
S-2 Intelligence CPT Anthony M. Agresta
S-3 Operations CPT Samuel Brandon
S-4 Logistics 1LT Donald Cales
S-6 Information Resources SGM Billy Willis (acting)
Recruiting Officer (vacant)
Assistant Recruiting Officer (vacant)

Company Commands

Headquarters Company

Company Commander (vacant)
Executive Officer 1LT Steve Shank
First Sergeant (vacant)

Military Police Company

Company Commander CPT Steven Wessling
Executive Officer 1LT Donald Cales
First Sergeant 1SG Jeffery Bennett

Signal Company

Company Commander 1LT Tom Huser
Executive Officer CW3 Donald Senteney
First Sergeant SFC Travis Vetters

Medical Company

Company Commander CPT Linda Huser
Executive Officer CW3 Howard Bennis
First Sergeant (vacant)