2nd Brigade

Second to None!

MAJ James Bodine
MAJ James Bodine

The Second Brigade of the Indiana Guard Reserve, commanded by MAJ James Bodine, is headquartered at the Indiana National Guard Armory in Lafayette, Indiana. The area of responsibility for the Second Brigade is the northwest quadrant of the State of Indiana.

The members of Second Brigade have a unique skill subset and come from all walks of life. In addition to numerous prior military personnel to include combat veterans, the Brigade has former state, local and university law enforcement officers, paramedics, attorneys, professional engineers and school teachers to name a few. This gives the Brigade the unique ability to perform various missions as required and serve as a cadre force to train volunteers in the event of a disaster. The Brigade has nineteen licensed amateur radio operators and is fully HF capable to provide reliable communications to the State EOC during a disaster.

In addition to assisting the National Guard and Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Second Brigade provides numerous community support missions to include traffic control for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, the Gary and Warsaw air shows and works alongside the U.S. Marine Corps and other volunteers as part of the annual Toys for Tots campaign in Valparaiso. The Brigade has a ceremonial unit and can provide an honor guard detail for parades, special events and funerals.

Second Brigade Command and Staff Personnel

Commander MAJ James Bodine  
Executive Officer (vacant)  
Command Sergeant Major CSM Jerome Nowaczyk  
Chaplain CH (CPT) Chuck Tague  
S-1 Personnel Officer CPT James Stytle  
S-3 Training / Operations MAJ Ken Dobert  
S-4 Logistics CPT Laura Zeman  
S-5 Civil Affairs (vacant)  
S-6 Communications / Information Officer 1LT Douglas Lamb