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Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Enforcement Agent positions have police authority?
Yes, IC 4-33-4.5-1 gives the gaming agent full police powers.

What will the uniform or dress code be?
The uniform for the enforcement agent and supervisor will be a casual uniform with 5.11 tactical pants, a polo style shirt with embroidered badge and a duty belt with fire arm, and other trade tools. The investigator will wear business casual dress.

Do any of the Enforcement positions come with a car?
The enforcement agents and supervisors positions are not provided a car. The enforcement investigators positions will be provided a car and have responsibilities on all boats located in the North or South and at the IGC office in Indianapolis.

How will assignments occur?
This may differ from north to south due to the geographical nature of each location. Employees may be asked to work on more than one boat due to their proximity.

What schedule will I be asked to work?
You will be required to work a 12 hour shift with some overtime dependent on the needs of the Agency. Weekends are specifically busy times on the riverboats and you may be required to work every other weekend. Additionally, you must be willing to work holidays. Schedules are subject to change.

Will I be asked to work overtime and at what rate will it be compensated?
Yes you may be required to work overtime. We will be paid bi-weekly but overtime will be calculated on a 28 day cycle. Any time you work in excess of 170 hours in that cycle will be compensated accordingly.

If I am currently employed as a law enforcement officer and certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy will I be required to attend the ILEA training? Will I also be required to meet the physical agility requirements and testing requirements since I am already ILEA certified?
No, you will not be required to attend training at ILEA.  The gaming specific course will be taught during the field training program. The pre-employment testing is required for all applicants and is not waived for prior law enforcement. You will have to meet the written test and physical agility requirements prior to employment.

If I have Prior law enforcement and have continuously been employed in law enforcement prior to being employed with IGC will I be compensated as a first year agent?
The Executive Director has the authority to compensate you up to a level comparable to your current time in service. That authority will be exercised on a case by case basis.

If I am currently employed by a government entity will my time in service transfer for retirement purposes?
Since we are in the Conservation, Excise and Gamming Agent P.E.R.F. retirement Plan, the only way time for retirement would transfer is if you were transferring from one of those specific agencies.

What about my accrued sick, personal leave, compensatory time and vacation time transferring?
Compensatory time will not transfer. The Executive Director has the authority to accept or deny accrued sick, vacation and personal time when transferring from one State agency to another, without separation. The decision will again be made on a case by case basis by the Executive Director. State Personnel does not allow accrued time from any other governmental level. Seniority will only be considered for vacation accrual.