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Enforcement - Day In The Life

  • Ensure strict compliance with all applicable Commission policies, directives, administrative rules and regulations.
  • Obtain working knowledge of casino personnel responsibilities and maintain professional working relationships with those individuals.
  • Obtain thorough knowledge of the internal controls of the assigned casino.
  • Monitor, document and report internal control compliance.
  • Understand, monitor and utilize security and surveillance systems at the assigned casino.
  • Conduct regular, timely and thorough testing of electronic gaming devices and other gaming equipment at the assigned casino.
  • Obtain proficiency in the utilization of the Commission’s Electronic Gaming Device System.
  • Receive and process public and industry complaints, grievances and disputes.
  • Complete all enforcement work and reports with a maximum amount of proficiency, effort and accuracy in accordance with the Case Management System and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Comply with all enforcement schedules, practices and deadlines.
  • Facilitate coordination among all federal, state, and local law enforcement entities when necessary.
  • Maintain an optimum level of integrity and professionalism at all times.