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Supplier Licensing

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Do I need a supplier's license to provide goods/service to Indiana Casinos?

Vendors of certain types of equipment, devices, and services to Indiana casino gambling operations must possess a supplier's license issued by the Indiana Gaming Commission ("Commission"). The Commission licenses vendors of products or services that directly relate to gaming operations or affect the flow of money obtained as a direct result of gaming operations. The Commission also has the authority to require licensure of any vendor that the commission deems necessary to ensure compliance with applicable gaming laws.

In order to make a determination regarding licensure requirements, the Commission requests that interested vendors submit a Supplier Inquiry Form.  Click here to go to the Inquiry Form.

If Commission staff determines that a vendor requires a supplier’s license, Commission staff will contact the vendor.

Gaming Entity Licensing Guidance

Application Requirements and Fees

An application for a supplier’s license will not be processed by the Commission unless the applicant has an agreement or a statement of intent with a casino licensee that the applicant will be supplying the casino upon receipt of a supplier’s license.

Applicants for a supplier’s license must pay a nonrefundable application fee of $5,000 that must be submitted with the license application. This fee is applied to the background investigation that will be conducted. If the investigation requires additional costs, the applicant will be notified and will be responsible for those costs.

In addition, all key persons and substantial owners must complete a Personal Disclosure Form and submit to a background investigation. Commission staff will assist an applicant in identifying which persons and owners will be required to submit a Personal Disclosure Form. Each Personal Disclosure form requires a $1,000 application fee. The key persons and substantial owners must also provide fingerprints for conducting a background investigation.

Background Investigations and Licensing

The Gaming Commission staff will conduct an extensive background check and financial investigation into the applicant and each key person or substantial owner. After Commission staff conducts a preliminary review and investigation, an applicant may be issued a temporary supplier’s license which will allow the supplier to conduct business in Indiana while the full investigation is performed. A temporary license is not a permanent license and may be unilaterally revoked by the Executive Director. The Executive Director may also place restrictions or conditions on a temporary supplier’s license.

A permanent license will be granted only if, after the investigation is complete, the applicant is determined to be suitable to hold a license. Once a supplier is determined to be suitable for licensure, a $7,500 license fee must be paid. A supplier’s license is valid for one year and must be renewed annually upon payment of a $7,500 annual renewal fee.

A person whose application for a supplier’s license has been denied may not reapply for a supplier’s license for a period of one year.

Duties of the Licensee

A supplier’s license does not create a property right but is a revocable privilege granted by the Commission contingent upon continuing suitability for licensure. Supplier’s licensees have a duty to notify the Commission of any changes in the information submitted in the licensee’s application. Supplier licensees are also required to report sales and other information to the Commission on a regular basis in accordance with Indiana gaming laws. If a licensee does not comply with the statutes and regulations governing casino gambling in Indiana, the licensee may be subject to disciplinary action including suspension, revocation of the license, or a civil penalty.

List of Currently Licensed Suppliers