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Previous Charity Gaming Forms

Welcome to the new Charity Gaming forms page.
The new forms listed below comply with the new statute that took effect on July 1, 2007.

The numeric identifiers for the old forms have been replaced with alpha symbols on the new forms, and the applications are now license specific to help simplify the application process.

The only forms that maintained numeric identifiers were the financial reporting forms CG-8, CG-9, CG-21, and CG-22.

QUALIFICATION (your organization must first qualify to be eligible to conduct any charity gaming events)

Form Identifier Title
CG-QA Qualification Application

ANNUAL EVENTS (a license issued for a period of twelve(12) months)

Form Identifier Title
CG-AB Annual Bingo License Application
CG-AB(R) Annual Bingo Renewal Application
CG-ADP Annual Door Prize License Application
CG-ADP(R) Annual Door Prize Renewal Application
CG-APT Annual Pull Tab License Application
CG-APT(R) Annual Pull Tab Renewal Application
CG-AR Annual Raffle License Application
CG-AR(R) Annual Raffle Renewal Application
CG-ACGN Annual Charity Game Night License Application
CG-ACGN(R) Annual Charity Game Night Renewal Application
CG-AWR Annual Water Race Application
CG-AWR(R) Annual Water Race Renewal Application
CG-AGG Annual Guessing Game Application
CG-AGG(R) Annual Guessing Game Renewal Application

SINGLE EVENTS (a one time event)

Form Identifier Title
CG-CGN Charity Game Night License Application
CG-CR Calendar Raffle License Application (No longer used.  Please refer to the CG-AR for Annual Raffle License.)
CG-DP Door Prize License Application
CG-EN Exempt Event Notification
CG-FES Festival License Application
CG-CCA Candidate's Committee Application
CG-RAF Raffle License Application
CG-SB Special Bingo License Application
CG-WR Water Race License Application
CG-GG Guessing Game License Application


Form Identifier Title
CG-8 Annual License Financial Report 
CG-9 Single Event Financial Report
CG-21 Annual Events Gross Receipts Report
CG-22 Single Event Gross Receipts Report


Form Identifier Title
CG-DIST Charitable Contribution Distribution List
CG-DTL Charity Gaming Inventory Destruction, Theft, or Loss Form
CG-INV Charity Gaming Ending Inventory Statement
ESR-BIN Bingo Event Summary Report
ESR-CGN Charity Gaming Night Event Summary Report
ESR-DP Door Prize Event Summary Report
ESR-FES Festival Event Summary Report
ESR-GG Guessing Game Event Summary Report
ESR-APT Annual PPT Event Summary Report
ESR-RAF Raffle Event Summary Report
ESR-WR Water Race Event Summary Report
ESR-DWM Raffle Board Daily Weekly Monthly Event Summary Report
CG-AM License Amendment Request(s)
CG-CO Current Officers
CG-LSDS Licensed Supply Donation Statement
CG-NPA Non-Member Participation Approval Form
CG-SP Special Permission Request
CG-VTA Volunteer Ticket Agent


Form Identifier Title
CG-MA/DA Manufacturers and/or Distributors Application
CG-MDQ Manufacturers and/or Distributors Quarterly Report
CG-MDNF Manufacturers and/or Distributors Change of Ownership Notification Form
CG-MDA Manufacturers and/or Distributors Gaming Card License Amendment Request