Additional Compensation Rule

Summary of the Additional Compensation Rule

Don't accept additional money for doing your job (excluding your salary).

Examples of the Rule

  • Your agency head has awarded you a bonus for the work you have done in your position with the Family and Social Services Administration through the Governor’s new achievement program. You may accept the bonus since such additional compensation has been provided for by law.
  • You work for the Department of Workforce Development administering a training program to job seekers. You may not accept the gift certificate presented by your trainees at the completion of the program since it is compensation for having performed your official duties.
  • During your patrol as a trooper with the Indiana State Police, you notice a car pulled over on the interstate trying to change a flat tire. You may not accept money for assisting the driver in the tire change since it is compensation for having performed your official duties.
  • You are an employee of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management who is required to accept bids from contractors and award jobs to contractors whose bid is the best. One of the bidders sends you a $100 check with his or her bid. You may not accept the money.
  • You are an employee for the Professional Licensing Agency. After a test for which you are the proctor, one of the applicants thanks you for your time and hands you $20. You may not accept the money.

Past Advisory Opinions on the Rule

The Rule: 42 IAC 1-5-8 Additional Compensation

A state officer, employee, or special state appointee shall not solicit or accept compensation for the performance of official duties other than provided for by law.