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Transportation and Stormwater Grants

Transportation and Stormwater Grants

The Indiana General Assembly, via HEA 1001 (2021), has allocated $60 Million of federal Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) to provide grants utilities and/or communities for stormwater/flooding projects that impact State Roads in their local communities.  The IFA will administer these grants under the Transportation and Stormwater Grant program.

Updated September 21, 2021

Thank you for applying to the Indiana Finance Authority (“IFA”) for funding from the Transportation and Stormwater Grant program.  Sixty-one applications were received, requesting more than $140 Million in assistance.

Funding was prioritized for projects that:

  • Benefitted a state road
  • Provided a moderate to high level of co-funding, and
  • Addressed stormwater management needs in residential areas.

Community Name

Name of State Road

Project Name

Bedford, City of

SR 58

5th Street/SR 58 Flooding Minimization Project

Big Cicero Creek Joint Drainage Board

SR 19, 28

Big Cicero Creek Bank Stabilization Project

Blackford County Drainage Board

SR 26

SR 26 Culvert Replacement & Cassel Regulated Drain Flood Mitigation Improvements

Brown County

SR 45

SR 45 and Helmsburg School Road Intersection Flood Control Project

Brownsburg, Town of

US Hwy 136

Northside Drainage Project Phase IV

Butler, City of Municipal Utilities

SR 1

Storm Sewer Improvements

Camden, Town of

SR 75

Camden Legal Drains Relocation Project

Daleville, Town of

SR 32, 67

Daleville Stormwater Improvements

Fort Wayne, City of

US 27

Arts Campus - Lafayette St. Stormwater improvements

Fountain City, Town of

SR 27

Fountain City Stormwater Project

Frankton, Town of

SR 128

SR 128 Stormwater Improvements

Gary, City of Sanitary District

US Hwy 20

US Hwy 20 Drainage Improvements

Hammond, City of

US 41

US 41/Calumet Avenue at 129th Street

Jasper, City of

SR 164, US 231

SR 164 and US 231 Storm Sewer Replacement projects

Kokomo, City of

SR 931

SR 931 Storm Sewer Extension at Boulevard Street

Lewisville, Town of

US 40 / SR 103

US 40 / SR 103 Lewisville Reconstruction Project

Martinsville, City of

SR 39

Martinsville Levee

Michigan City, City of Sanitary District

SR 212, US Hwy 12

US Hwy 12 Stormwater Drainage, White Ditch Drainage Improvement Projects

Montgomery County

US Hwy 136

Mace Stormwater Flooding

Pendleton, Town of

SR 67

Pendleton Regulated Drain Reconstruction

Portland, City of

US 27

Meridian Street Drainage

South Bend, City of

US 31, US 20

Hidden Creek & Phillips Ditch

Sunman, Town of

SR 101

Sunman SR 101 Storm Water Improvement Project

Upland, Town of

SR 22

Jefferson Street Storm Improvements

Wells County Commissioners

SR 116

Murray Stormwater Improvements

Award Recipients will receive a letter detailing the terms and conditions of the Transportation and Stormwater grant by September 30, 2021.



General program questions
Jim McGoff
Director of Environmental Programs
(317) 233-4337; jmcgoff@ifa.in.gov

Karen Jones
Project Manager
(317) 232-8993; karjones1@ifa.in.gov

Joanie Jones
Administrative Assistant
(317) 234-1279; joajones@ifa.in.gov

Program mailing address:
100 North Senate Avenue, Rm. 1275
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Fax: 317-234-1338