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Disadvantaged Community Survey

Disadvantaged Communality Assistance Survey


The Indiana Finance Authority’s (“IFA”) State Revolving Fund Loan Program provides financial assistance to utilities for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure needs. Recently, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law made additional funds available to the IFA for “Disadvantaged Community Assistance”. These disadvantaged areas could be small pockets of homes located in unincorporated areas, neighborhoods, subdivisions, or mobile home parks that have no service or are under-served by water infrastructure.

To identify these areas, the IFA is requesting input from County Environmental Health Specialists, but anyone with relevant information is welcome to participate. Information will be collected using an online survey. Participation is voluntary and personal information will be kept confidential. We estimate it could take a little as 10 minutes to complete the questions, which pertain to drinking water, wastewater, stormwater conditions, plus public health concerns such as gastrointestinal illnesses and mosquito populations.

The IFA is partnering with the Indiana University School of Public Health to analyze the data, which will be shared with the Indiana State Department of Health for appropriate action. A report of the summarized findings will be available on the IFA website Summer of 2023.


Link to survey:

Link to a PDF of the survey

This survey allows for documenting up to three areas of concern. For each area, we will first ask if an entity exists, followed by where it is located, and lastly about the characteristics of the area. If there are additional areas, you may either submit more than one survey or submit a multi-area Excel spreadsheet.  If you would rather schedule a call to share this information by phone, please let us know.


Evan Fall, Project Manager,, 317-232-3195

Sarah Hudson, Technical Assistance and Outreach Manager,, 317-232-2812