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Spatial Data and Mapping

Indiana Brownfields Program StoryMaps

The Indiana Brownfields Program is excited to share Story Maps it has created for Sites across the state. Story Maps allow us to share success stories by presenting site history, investigation and clean-up activities, and redevelopments in a new and interactive way. To view the Story Map website and explore the various Maps created, please visit:

GPS Coordinates

GPS coordinates ensure data quality and consistency while keeping track of significant locations in the Brownfields Program. The Program requests that submitted coordinates follow IDEM’s Spatial Data Collection Standards. Points should be collected with either mapping or survey-grade receivers (not recreational receivers which provide lower quality data) and be provided in the format of an excel spreadsheet with indications of the projection, datum, and units. UTM is the preferred projection, but Indiana State Plan is acceptable. If Latitude/Longitude is used, then a significant number of decimals should be included to allow accurate mapping of locations.