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Why does Indiana Disability Rights provide information and referral first?

Reaching out to Indiana Disability Rights is always the right move to make. Our Intake Advocates have over 30 years’ experience in the disability rights field. They will listen to you, and based on your individual situation, they will guide you to the best resources and organizations in Indiana. If we can't help, we have great partnerships with organizations that may be able to offer you the services you need.

What kind of information can Indiana Disability Rights provide?

  • We provide rights information for people with disabilities.

  • We explain how to access social services (application process, complaint and appeal procedures).

  • We make recommendations about how to access the help you need.

  • We provide guidance on where to find digital resources.

  • We may refer you to organizations that can address your issues.

What can I do?

Contact us and talk with one of our experienced advocates. That's the first step. Some issues are serious enough that you may need the help of our legal advocacy team. We may help you to advocate for yourself, or you may choose to have an Indiana Disability Rights advocate work with you or on your behalf. Some situations are so complex that you may need the help of one of our attorneys.

You can reach Indiana Disability Rights by calling 800-622-4845 or filling out our online help form below:

Need help? Click here to contact Indiana Disability Rights.