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Goals & Priorities

Goals & Priorities for 2017-2018

GOAL 1: Preventing, finding, and stopping abuse and neglect of persons with disabilities.


  1. Investigate suspected abuse and neglect in facilities or by a service provider.
  2. Examine systemic issues regarding the licensing and oversight of facilities by other state agencies.
  3. Use monitoring authority to ensure appropriate treatment of residents in mental health facilities.
  4. Identify and research systemic issues regarding facilities that provide residential treatment to children.

GOAL 2: Breaking down barriers and ensuring supports are available for persons with disabilities to ensure equality and inclusion in society.


  1. Provide individual legal advocacy to ensure the protection of rights for individuals with disabilities to accomplish the following:
    • Ensure access to a free appropriate public education in both a safe and least restrictive environment.
    • Support integrated, community-based, and competitive employment of persons with disabilities.
    • Address rights issues in regards to accessibility including, but not limited to: physical access, web and technology access, transportation, voting, and conditional rights.
    • Encourage community integration of persons with disabilities into inclusive, livable, supportive communities.
    • Ensure persons with disabilities, from youth through adulthood, are treated appropriately in justice settings.
  2. Work collaboratively with other groups to improve the accessibility of events throughout Indiana.
  3. Continue to address voting rights and accessibility in registration and at the polls.
  4. Develop cultural and linguistic competency best practices and share resources with other organizations to increase awareness of disability issues.
  5. Research the use of Video Remote Interpreting in healthcare settings with the goal of developing Best Practices for Indiana healthcare providers.

GOAL 3: Empowering persons with disabilities by serving as a partner in rights issues, providing resources for self-advocacy and by bringing awareness to society to eliminate discrimination.


  1. Promote the self-advocacy movement in Indiana through strategic collaboration and inclusion of self-advocates when opportunities arise.
  2. Educate legislators regarding the impact of policies on people with disabilities.
  3. Develop a coalition of disability leaders to improve collaborative opportunities between organizations.
  4. Build a database of resources to enhance information and referral services.
  5. Development of a public policy agenda by the IPAS Commission.

Approved: August 18, 2017