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Mental Illness Advisory Council

Mental Illness Advisory Council (MIAC) Quarterly Meeting

Monday, August 12, 2019 
Public Meeting begins at 1:30 PM EST
Meetings are open to the public and media is welcome.

Location:  Indiana  Disability Rights 
                 4701 N. Keystone Ave., Suite 222
                 Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

Click here for the agenda

Mental Illness Advisory Council (MIAC)

The Mental Illness Advisory Council (MIAC) is composed of ten members from all over Indiana. The MIAC advises the IPAS Commission and Indiana Disability Rights on issues which impact individuals with mental illness in Indiana. Meetings are held quarterly in Indianapolis.

The MIAC is actively seeking individuals for future appointment. If you have an interest in advocacy regarding mental illness issues, receive mental health services, or have a family member who does, and you are committed to improving mental health services in Indiana, you are encouraged to apply. Please complete an application and submit to Indiana Disability Rights.

Mental Illness Advisory Council (MIAC) Members

Kari Diedrich-Fritz

Marshall County
Samantha Brinkman Marion County
Luke Britt Marion County
 Ray Lay, Chair Marion County
Joanne Tedesco LaPorte County
Jacob Griffin, Vice Chair Deaborn County

Join the MIAC
Members must be committed to promoting the legal and civil rights of people with disabilities, and to the cause of protecting those individuals’ rights to make their own choices. If you are interested in joining the IPAS Commission or the Mental Illness Advisory Council (MIAC) please contact Dawn Adams, Executive Director, via email at ExecutiveDirector@IndianaDisabilityRights.org.