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Accident & Health Rate Filing and Plan Management Binder Information and Instructions

Pursuant to Indiana Code § 27-8-4, insurers are required to file with the IDOI all policies, certificates of insurance, notices of proposed insurance, insurance applications, endorsements, riders, and schedules of premium rates that are delivered or issued in Indiana.

Pursuant to Indiana Code § 27-8-5, no policy of accident and sickness insurance may be issued or delivered to any person in this state, nor may any application, rider, or endorsement be used in connection with an accident and sickness insurance policy, until a copy of the form of the policy and of the classification of risks and the premium rates have been filed with, reviewed and approved by the commissioner in accordance with Indiana law.

Rate (and Form/Rate) Filings

All Rate Filings for Accident & Health must be submitted via SERFF and include:

  1. related policy form numbers
  2. an Actuarial Memorandum (outlines below)
  3. an Experience Workbook

Additionally, all fields in SERFF are expected to be completed. Guidance on the most important fields can be found in Required Rate Fields in SERFF, which can also be found on the Supporting Documentation tab in SERFF.

For full details of Filing requirements, see the Indiana General Instructions in SERFF.

Filing Fees

Product filing fees for rates and policy forms must be submitted via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at the time of filing submission. There are no filing fees for Binder Submissions. View General Instructions on the Filing Rules tab in SERFF for additional details.

Actuarial Memorandum Outlines

  • Dental
    • Used for all rate related Dental fillings.
  • Major Medical
    • Used for all rate related Major Medical filings except for Short Term Major Medical, which uses the Basic Actuarial Memorandum Outline.
  • Long Term Care
    • Used for all rate related LTC filings.
  • Medicare Supplement
    • Used for all rate related Medicare Supplement filings.
  • Basic
    • Used for all rate related Accident and Health filings that don't use the Dental, Major Medical, Long Term Care, or Medicare Supplement Actuarial Memorandum Outlines.

Experience Workbooks

Required for all filings.

Plan Management Binder Submissions

All ACA compliant Major Medical and Dental plans must be submitted as both a Filing and as a Binder in SERFF. Note that all Plan Management templates and other documents that are submitted in HIOS must be identical to the same templates and documents in SERFF. Thus, updated templates and documents must be submitted to both HIOS and SERFF concurrently.

For full details of Plan Management requirements, see the Indiana Plan Management General Instructions. These instructions can also be found in SERFF.

IDOI and Plan Management Templates

Rate Changes for Transitional Major Medical and Student Plans

Transitional Major Medical includes Non-Grandfathered plans issued between March 23, 2010 and December 21, 2013. Any request to change rates needs to be submitted as a Rate filing in SERFF. Note that the RRJ template is no longer required as the data will be entered directly into HIOS. For rate increases greater than 10%, a concurrent filing in HIOS is needed

Student Health Plans will also need to meet the additional Indiana requirements outlined in Student Health Plan Filing Requirements.

Federal instructions can be found at https://www.cms.gov/CCIIO/Resources/Regulations-and-Guidance/Downloads/2019-RRJ-Instructions.pdf.

Questions related to submitting Accident/Health Rate Filings should be directed to:

Scott Shover
Chief Actuary