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New Medicare Cards

What does the new Medicare Card look like?


It has your name, new Medicare number, dates that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage started.

It doesn’t have your signature, Social Security Number, gender.


When will I get my new Medicare Card?

Medicare will begin mailing new cards in April, 2018 (after June for most Indiana residents).

Everyone who had Medicare before April, 2018 will get a new card with instructions in the mail

Mailing will take several months.

If you retired from a railroad, the Railroad Retirement Board will mail you your new card.

People new to Medicare in April 2018 or later will get the new card when they are enrolled.

Your card might arrive at a different time than your friend’s or neighbor’s.

Visit www.Medicare.gov/NewCard and sign up for email updates, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/medicare.


Only your Medicare card and number are changing

Your Medicare benefits stay the same.

Your Social Security Number stays the same.

Any enrollments in Medicare Advantage, Part D prescription plans, and Medigap (Supplemental) policies don’t change—keep those plan cards.


When do I start using my new Medicare Card?

Start using your new card as soon as you get it.

Beginning January 1, 2020, you can only use the new Medicare card and new number.


What if I belong to a Medicare health plan (like an HMO), or a Medicare drug plan?

You will still get a new Medicare card.
Be sure to destroy your old red, white, and blue Medicare card, but don’t destroy your plan’s card.
You should continue to use your health or drug plan’s card when you get health care or fill a prescription.

How can I protect myself and Medicare from fraud?

Don’t share your Medicare card with anyone—treat it like a credit card.
• Don’t carry it unless you need it.
• Keep it in a safe place.
Scam artists may try to get personal information by contacting you about your new card.
If someone asks you for your information, for money, or threatens to cancel your health benefits if you don’t share your personal information, hang up.