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Indiana 2017 Federal Marketplace Filings

The state has reviewed rates and has submitted the dispositions to HHS on August 23, 2016.

Table below was last updated August 23, 2016.

Individual ACA Major Medical Compliant Plans Available on Healthcare.gov SERFF Tracking Number 2017
Aetna Health Inc. Marketplace AETN-130480751 (On-Exchange) and AETN-130485307 (Off-Exchange) N/A Withdrawn "New" "New"
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. Marketplace AWLP-130476082 $562.60 29.0% 19.8% 41.1%
CareSource Indiana Inc. Marketplace CASO-130519569 $412.64 16.0% 10.5% 18.9%
Celtic Marketplace CELT-130525465 $371.93 -5.3% -39.9% 34.0%
IU Health Plans Off Marketplace IUHP-130556841 $392.75 14.9% -6.5% 56.4%
MDwise Marketplace, Inc. Marketplace MDWI-130505639 $443.72 11.5% 11.0% 15.0%
Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. Marketplace PHIN-130553106 N/A Withdrawn N/A N/A
Coordinated Care Corporation Off Marketplace CECO-130529600 $680.48 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Golden Rule Insurance Company Off Marketplace AMMS-130476307 N/A Withdrawn "New" "New"
Small Group ACA Compliant Plans SHOP Eligible SERFF Tracking Number 2017
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. Marketplace AWLP-130476083 $475.38 -4.5% -10.7% 6.2%
Advantage Health Solutions Incorporated Off Marketplace ADVA-130557634 N/A Withdrawn N/A N/A
Aetna Health Inc. Off Marketplace AETN-130545660 $430.42 "New" "New" "New"
Aetna Life Insurance Company Off Marketplace AETN-130544064 $658.43 8.6% 4.6% 12.7%
All Savers Insurance Company Off Marketplace UHLC-130516418 $505.34 0.0% -6.7% 5.9%
Federated Mutual Insurance Company Off Marketplace FEMC-130532434 $575.48 15.8% 2.5% 22.2%
Humana Health Plan, Inc. Off Marketplace HUMA-130511774 $277.63 1.1% 1.1% 8.4%
Humana Insurance Company Off Marketplace HUMA-130511773 $447.70 7.4% -3.6% 16.4%
IU Health Plans Off Marketplace IUHP-130558260 $554.83 5.1% 2.4% 9.2%
National Health Insurance Co Off Marketplace NHIC-130517596 $381.63 9.8% 9.8% 9.8%
Pekin Life Insurance Company Off Marketplace UHAS-130495100 N/A Withdrawn N/A N/A
Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. Off Marketplace PHIN-130553126 $469.18 6.6% -1.5% 18.5%
United Healthcare Insurance Company Off Marketplace UHLC-130516174 $522.88 5.2% -3.1% 16.5%
US Health and Life Insurance Company Off Marketplace USHL-130576706 $691.12 3.8% 1.7% 6.8%


  • The average medical trend increases are 8-9% for most carriers. This varies depending on networks and experience of each carrier.
  • All of these rates are subject to extensive review by the Department of Insurance and have been finalized and submitted to CMS on August 23, 2016.
  • The premium averages shown consist of a combination of catastrophic, bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans. The premium is reflected as an average; individuals may experience a rate increase or decrease dependent on the plan selection or auto-enrollment process.
  • Within each metal level there are numerous plans with various cost sharing methods.
  • Where you see "new" above, this indicates the company was not writing ACA health insurance in 2016.


The following insurance carriers offered plans in the 2016 Federal Marketplace but are not offering plans in the 2017 Marketplace:

  • All Savers Insurance Company
  • Indiana University Health Plans
  • Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana
  • Southeastern Indiana Health Organization, Inc.

How to view filing documents via SERFF Filing Access

  1. Go to https://filingaccess.serff.com/sfa/home/IN
  2. Click begin search.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Enter the SERFF Tracking number (from the table above).
  5. Click Search.
  6. Click on the row returned.
  7. This will open the filing you will be able to select filed documents to open and/or download.

How to post a comment on a Marketplace filing

Write down the SERFF Tracking number from the table above.

Click here to send a comment via email to the Company Compliance Department


Post a Comment on a Marketplace filing using Rate Watch

  1. Go to www.in.gov/idoi/ratewatch/
  2. Select Health in the Insurance Category drop down box.
  3. Type the name of the Insurance Company.
  4. Delete the default Date Range.
  5. Click Begin Search.
  6. Click the Filing Number that matches the SERFF Tracking number.
  7. Click Submit Comment at the bottom of the Filing Report page.
  8. Complete Comment page.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Close the Comment Submitted page or begin a New Search.