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Training Support

Welcome to the Indiana Department of Correction’s eLearning Resource page. On this page you will find information related to training programs available for State Employees, Contingent Workers, Volunteers, Vendors, and Organization's Staff that supervise IDOC Offender Work Crews.

Training Support

If you should experience an issue while participating in one of the Department’s eLearning modules please contact our Training Support Team at Trainingsupport@idoc.in.gov .

Please do not contact the State Personnel Department or the Office of Technology; doing so could delay resolution.

State Employees and Contingent Workers (Contract Staff)

New Employee Training for State Employees and Contract Workers

Prior to your first day of employment, we ask that you take a few moment to review the following presentations. These presentations are designed to provide you with an understanding of the Vision, Mission, and Organizational Structure of the Indiana Department of Correction. You will also gain an understanding of the New Employee Training Process and what will be expected of you, over the course of your first few months with IDOC.

*Microsoft PowerPoint and/or the ability to view pdf files are needed to view the training modules below.

Staff Development and Training along with State Personnel offer a variety of courses for Correctional Staff to take in order to further their knowledge in the field. State Employees and Contingent Works can access the Department’s Learning Management System by visiting Myshare.in.gov and selecting the PeopleSoft Employee Training portal or by selecting the link below.


*If you are a new State Employee, please contact your Training Coordinator for information on signing into the system for the first time.

**Contingent Workers will need to contact the Indiana Office of Technology at 1-800-382-1095 to request their login credentials.  When calling IOT you will need the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Driver's License Number
  • Employer
  • PeopleSoft Identification Number
  • Other verifying information may be requested

Additional Training Resources for Corrections Professionals

Volunteer Training

There are numerous volunteer opportunities with the Indiana Department of Correction. For more information or to find out how you can help, please visit the Department’s Volunteer website or contact the facility where you would like to volunteer.

Once you have made the decision to volunteer, there are specific training requirements you will be required to complete to prepare you to volunteer in a correctional environment. Each facility has a Community Involvement Coordinator that can guide you through the process to become a volunteer. As a part of the training requirements, you will be required to review the 5 eLearning Modules below.

  1. Expectations
  2. Manipulation
  3. Communication
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Prison Rape Elimination Act

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Involvement Coordinator at the facility.

Out Custody Work Crew Supervisors

The Indiana Department of Correction collaborates with various Federal, State, County, and Local Government Agency to provide work experience opportunities for the offender population. This partnership is a valuable resource for the offenders and communities of Indiana.

Prior to supervising offender work crews, individuals must complete all required training programs. The initial training for Interagency Out-Custody Supervisors is delivered in a blended format (Traditional Classroom and eLearning). Prior to attending the classroom portion of the training, all participants are required to complete all eLearning requirements.

State Government Employees

Employees of the Department of Transportation or the Department of Natural Resources may login to the State’s Learning Management System to complete any eLearning requirements.


Federal, County, and Local Government Employees

For agencies who do not have access to the State’s Learning Management System, you will be required to complete the appropriate series of training modules below and provide proof of completion to the Facility Training Department.

Pre-service Training (Out-Custody Supervisors)

This series of training modules is for persons who are new Out-Custody Supervisors. Upon successful completion of each module, you are required to print the attached certificate and provide it to the Facility Training Department.

  1. Interagency Overview
  2. Professional Conduct
  3. Diversity in Corrections
  4. Working with Special Populations
  5. Report Writing
  6. Trafficking
  7. Heat Stress Injury
  8. Suicide Prevention and Intervention

In-service (Out-Custody Supervisors)

This series of training modules is for Out-Custody Supervisors who have completed their “Pre-service Training”. The in-service course must be completed each subsequent year after your initial Pre-service Training in order to maintain your eligibility to supervise Offender work Crews. Upon successful completion of each module, you are required to print the attached certificate and provide it to the Facility Training Department.

  1. Professional Conduct
  2. Trafficking
  3. Making Ethical Decisions
  4. Verbal De-escalation
  5. Workplace Violence
  6. Public Media Relations
  7. Offender Grievance
  8. Report Writing
  9. Offender Personal Property
  10. Substance Abuse
  11. Universal Precautions
  12. Heat Stress Injury
  13. Hazardous Materials
  14. Blood Born Pathogens
  15. Conflict Management
  16. Multi-Generational Workforce