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Community Corrections and Justice Reinvestment Grants


Authorizing Legislation: IC 11-12

First Year of Appropriation: 1979

Administering Agency: DOC Community Corrections Division


Authority IC 11-12

The Community Corrections Division distributes to local jurisdictions who have established community supervision programs or residential services for adult offenders that are re-integrating into the community who, otherwise, would be incarcerated in local jails or state prisons.

The division distributes grant funding that is overseen by an established Community Corrections Advisory Board to local jurisdictions who have established community supervision programs and residential services for adult offenders that are re-integrating into the community who, otherwise, would be incarcerated in local jails or state prisons. In addition, we provide support funding to probation departments, court recidivism reduction programs, prosecutor diversion programs, and jails with mental health and substance abuse treatment programs for those that target moderate and high-risk Level 6 felony offenders and provide evidence-based programming.

Community Corrections and Justice Reinvestment Grants have an overall goal to increase public safety through recidivism reduction by supporting cost efficient supervision, treatment, and programs as an alternative to incarceration. The programs supported must utilize evidence-based strategies proven to reduce recidivism

How Funds Are Distributed


Eligible Entities

Award Type

Award Amounts

Award Period

Community Corrections & Justice Reinvestment Grants

Community Corrections

State Grant

Local Community Corrections Advisory Board prioritizes programs for counties. The Department reviews funding based on request and appropriation by the General Assembly

12 months

Problem Solving Courts

Probation Departments

Jail Treatment Programs

Prosecutor’s Diversion

Who Can Apply for Funding:

Programs established by a Community Corrections Advisory Board for the:

  • Operations of a Community Corrections Entity
  • Operations of a Court Recidivism Reduction Program (Problem-Solving Court)

Grant funds are also available to provide support or supplemental funding to:

  • Probation Departments
  • Pretrial Services
  • Jail Treatment Programs
  • Prosecutor’s Diversion Programs

Each entity provides a description of the intended programs, supervision, and services as well as a detailed budget outlining the funding request. The Advisory Board must prioritize funding requests to the above eligible entities. In addition to providing a description of the proposed programs and services, a plan of collaboration is also required. The collaboration plan includes a description of the evidence-based services available and how the county will coordinate access to those services in a manner that reduces duplication and expands the availability services, treatment, and programs that is cost-effective.

Funding Recommendations and Awards:

Each year, the division releases a Notification of Funding Awards (NOFA) which serves as an grant application announcement and program guidelines. Within it, there are details that outline the eligibility criteria, grant process, requirements, and other critical information specific to the grant funding.

Grant funding is reviewed on an annual basis through the grant approval process. There are four primary steps to approval:

1. Grant applications and prioritization of funding must occur from the Community Corrections Advisory Board prior to application submissions to the Department. It is important to know that applying for funding does not guarantee a funding award from Indiana Department of Correction.

2. The grant application is reviewed and scored by IDOC Program Directors.  The Program Directors contact grantees for any missing information and request clarification of the proposal if needed.

During the recommendation process, IDOC collaborates and reviews applications with:

  • The Indiana Office of Court Services for Probation, Problem Solving Courts, and Pre-Trial Services entities
  • The Department of Mental Health and Addiction for Jail Treatment entities
  • Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council for Prosecutor’s Diversion entities

3. Once the application review process is completed, grant funding award recommendations are presented to the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC) as a public document. The Council provides additional input and guidance on grant funding award recommendations.

4. Awarded amounts recommended by JRAC will then be taken to the Indiana Department of Correction’s Commissioner for final approval.

Grants Management & Requirements

Prior to applying, program requirements will be outlined in the Notification of Funding Awards.

Once awarded, grantees are expected to adhere to the Grant Procedural Manual. Each grantee is assigned a Regional Program Director. Their primary role is to ensure compliance with your program plan, special conditions, legal requirements and review progress and financial reports. Your Program Director is also a resource for both technical and programmatic information.

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