Leadership Team



Mike Herron began his career with the Indiana Department of Correction as Director of PEN in May 2005. He is currently President of National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA). Mike has over 20 years manufacturing experience in the private sector. Mr. Herron worked a majority of his career at Eaton Corporation where he held positions as Plant Manager, Manager of Customer Scheduling and Production Control Manager. Mr. Herron earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University.



Mark Spratt was awarded a BBS degree in Accounting from the University of Iowa. Mark has extensive experience as a senior manager in a wide range of companies including large, multinational corporations and start-up entrepreneurial operations. Over his 35-year career Mark has worked in a variety of industries including publishing, insurance, and advertising. Mark joined PEN Products in 2007 as their Controller. In 2008 Mark was awarded the Guiding Light Award from the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) for his outstanding contributions to PEN Products and the IDOC. Mark has been the Treasurer of the Correctional Professional Assistance Fund of Indiana since its inception in 2009. Mark is an accomplished competitive swimmer and has been named as an All-American six times by the United States Masters Swimming Association. Recently Mark swam the 20-mile Catalina Channel, his second step in achieving the Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming.


Joint Ventures / New Enterprise Development

Michael Parker joined PEN in 2013 and was appointed New Enterprise Development Manager in December, 2017. He was previously a Project Manager responsible for managing the startup of new joint venture operations.

Michael obtained his Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University and his professional career includes positions as Communications Manager for Lutheran Child and Family Services of IN/KY and Program Manager for the Arizona Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program.

The New Enterprise Development team is responsible for new product development, joint venture projects and administering the federal Prison Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) in Indiana. Michael is also the Public Information Officer for PEN.


Operations / Apprenticeship / O.W.D.S

Doug Evans began his career with the Indiana Department of Correction and PEN as a plant foreman at the Indiana Reformatory in 1979. Mr. Evans moved into a supervisory role that eventually led to PEN Plant Manager at the Miami Correctional Facility in 2000 and was promoted to Operations Manager for all PEN Industries in 2005. Mr. Evans also was given oversight of PEN’s new initiatives in the area of offender reentry. This role now includes State Director of the IDOC’s U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program and the National Institute of Corrections Offender Workforce Development Specialist training program. Doug is also a member of the National Industrial Correctional Associations Board of Directors.


PEN Commissary & Procurement

Mike Jones was named Controller for PEN in August, 1997. In 2007, Mr. Jones’ responsibilities changed with responsibility for procurement and production scheduling. In 2015, he took on responsibility for the commissary operation, warehousing/distribution operation, procurement and PEN IT systems. Mr. Jones has over forty years of experience with over twenty years of experience in the private sector. Mr. Jones holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Kent State University.


Research Design / Engineering

Jim Davis started working with metals at the age of 17. Mr. Davis acquired a degree in Tool, Die and Machine Design. During his college years, Mr. Davis worked in the machine repair field as a machinist. Later, he expanded his knowledge to include machine programming, quality assurance, production management and product engineering. Mr. Davis joined PEN in July of 1994. Mr. Davis and his staff implemented a part numbering system and developed information for a production planning, scheduling and inventory control system that is still being used today. In 2016, the engineering group expanded to include Material Management. In his spare time, Mr. Davis spends time in his wood working shop and travel in his RV.


PEN Sales Department

John Rardin has been involved with sales and marketing for over 35 years. He has been a marketing director, business owner and sales manager. John has worked for PEN for 10 years. Before PEN, John worked as VP of Sales & Marketing for a small startup company, started his own consulting company with a national client base and operated it for 12 year. He also worked for Anthem Insurance Company in various roles in marketing and sales.

Currently, John is responsible for the Sales efforts at PEN. It is his and his staff’s job to assure that PEN continues to successfully sell to existing State Agencies, as well as identify new opportunities outside of State government. John has also become closely immersed in PEN’s core mission of providing work opportunities for offenders by coaching and mentoring IREF offenders who work as sales clerks within his group.