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Indiana Correctional Industries, Developing a Workforce!

The mission of Indiana Correctional Industries is to provide meaningful employment while operating a self-sustaining business. When these two components are met a platform is created where individuals can develop the work ethic and social skills necessary for lasting employment in today’s world of work. PEN’s career focused approach to reentry creates an environment where this mission can be accomplished. 

Individuals who have worked for Indiana Correctional Industries, and earned USDOL Apprenticeship Certification, will return to the community with both a skillset and a mindset that paves the way for long-term post incarceration success. 

Indiana Correctional Industries' dedicated staff work side-by-side with these individuals on a daily basis, teaching and guiding them in a positive direction in order to best prepare them for a lasting and successful return to society. 

How do prison releases impact your business and community?

  • Approximately 12,000 offenders were released from IDOC in 2015 
  • 85% of former offenders who commit new crimes are unemployed at the time of their re-arrest
  • Recent nationwide studies show that participants in correctional industries programs have lower recidivism rates, as much as 24% lower than those did not work in correctional industries 

Who you will be hiring?  
What has been their training in prison?

Indiana Correctional Industries Workers are…

  • Selected through an application process
  • Hired through interview process
  • Complete orientation and training
  • Receive regular performance reviews
  • Receive pay raises when earned
  • Most have been forklift certified
  • Have basic computer skills
  • Receive structure workplace safety training
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Basic first aid

United States Department of Labor Apprenticeship

  • Long term commitment (minimum 14 months on the job)
  • Required hours of on-the-job training 2,000+
  • Related curriculum requirements (144 hours minimum)
  • Certified journey-worker status, are registered through the USDOL data base