Career Development

Career Development Training (CDT) is a cognitive look into the world of work that utilizes assessment and research to allow an individual to better understand where they would most likely find workplace satisfaction. CDT also identifies the life roles one must fulfill outside of work and how to best balance those roles.

Many of the materials utilized in CDT are similar to what is being used by the United States Department of Labor’s Education and Training Division as well as Professional Career Coaches.

The information and understanding gained through CDT is vital to individuals who are returning to society from a time of incarceration.

Career Development Training… 

  • PEN oversees and supports 23 Career Development Training Centers inside IndianaDepartment of Correction Facilities.
  • A Career Center is a learning environment which provides opportunities to learn a wide variety of skills to empower and equip individuals for post-release employment.
  • CDT explores one’s self-awareness within the realm of the work and allows development of a long term career action plan and the necessary resources to follow the plan.
  • Throughout the experience, each Client is provided opportunities to:
  1. Discover where they fit into the work world
  2. Research occupation, company and industry specific information
  3. Become exposed to a wide variety of education, vocation and training programs
  4. Learn and practice the skills needed to perform a successful employment search
  5. Participate in practical training exercises including topics such as financial responsibility and basic computer skills
  6. Learn and develop retention strategies
  7. Apply goal setting for progression from entry-level employment to long-term career