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Please submit all Open Records Requests here. If your request is related to an offender please include his name and DOC number in the subject line.

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Women Behind Bars (with Sir Trevor McDonald)
Plum Pictures/ITV

Women Behind Bars premiered in the UK on ITV on September 26, 2013. Following the success of his series, Inside Death Row, Sir Trevor McDonald sets out to visit some of the most dangerous women criminals in the United States.  With unique access to The Rockville Correctional Facility and Indiana Women’s Prison, Trevor witnesses a world of seduction and manipulation as inmates prey on each other and those who guard them.

Inside Death Row (with Sir Trevor McDonald)
Plum Pictures/ITV

Inside Death Row premiered on the ITV1, the UK’s highest-rated commercial channel, in January 2013. This two-part series sees veteran presenter Sir Trevor McDonald come face to face with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals as he gets exclusive access to one of America’s oldest and most notorious prisons. The documentary features both staff and offenders and will the audience insight into the day-to-day operations of a maximum security prison, as well as the rehabilitative programming that the Department provides to offenders. The host of the show, Sir Trevor McDonald, is a highly respect British broadcast journalist.


Parole Diaries
Towers Productions/TV One

Parole Diaries premiered on TV One on September 12, 2012. Parole Diaries follows nine dedicated parole officers of the Indianapolis Parole District #3 Office as they tackle their most difficult and heart-wrenching cases. The 13-episode series, produced by Towers Productions, offers a look inside the parole officers’ day, working with sex offenders, convicted murderers and addicts. It’s extremely tough work, but these civil servants offer the ex-cons something rare: a second chance. Each one-hour episode will follow three dynamic parole officers on the job and the parolee, or client, they are serving. The work these officers perform is high on stress, low on glamour, and extremely dangerous. Yet, with each case there is the possibility of positive change and the emotional uplift from delivering a second chance.  With each episode, Parole Diaries promises to deliver new insights into this area of the criminal justice system as well as reveal the power in receiving a second a chance.

First Week In
44 Blue Productions/Discovery

The premiere episode of FIRST WEEK IN, featuring the Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC), aired on Monday, January 9, 2012 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) and was followed by six more episodes. FIRST WEEK IN follows a new set of inmates each week as they enter and adjust to life in prison during the most critical of all times, their first week in. How they act, what they encounter and who they mix with will determine what prison life will be like for the rest of their time behind bars. RDC appeared in episodes three and four.


Young Kids, Hard Time
Calamari Productions/MSNBC

Filmed in the Youth Incarcerated As Adults (YIA) unit at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, "Young Kids, Hard Time" reveals what life is like for kids as young as 12 who will grow up behind bars.  The YIA unit is home to 53 kids who are rarely permitted to leave the unit, due to the dangers posed by the adult prisoners just outside their door. But once a youth offender turns 18, they begin the immediate transition into the general prison population, where thousands of adult prisoners await. "Young Kids, Hard Time" explores post-conviction life for children staring down decades behind bars, illuminating the effects of sentencing kids to the adult prison system, and whether or not this practice leads to a safer society. MSNBC premiered the first episode of "Young Kids, Hard Time," on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 10:00 P.M. EST.

Lock Up Extended Stay: Wabash Valley
44 Blue Productions/MSNBC

The prison documentary series Lock Up Extended Stay, filmed at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility, follows offenders housed at the maximum security facility in Carlisle, IN as they attend disciplinary hearings, receive visits from family, and interact with other inmates. The Wabash Valley Correctional Facility houses more than 2,000 convicted felons including some of the highest security prisoners in the state. It is a fortress among farms. A crew from 44 Blue spent months inside speaking with offenders and staff. MSNBC’s Lockup Extended Stay explores some of the country's most dangerous maximum-security prisons throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations. The first of six episodes for MSNBC Lockup: Extended Stay Wabash Valley aired on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 10:00 P.M. EST. The series continued for five more consecutive Saturdays finishing on December 31, 2011. 

Babies Behind Bars
Firecrack Films/TLC

Babies Behind Bars tells the dramatic story of pregnant inmates contending for a spot in the coveted "baby dorm," a radical new project that allows selected offenders at Indiana Women's Prison, to keep their babies with them while they serve their sentence. The documentary special Babies Behind Bars, filmed at the Indiana Women’s Prison, premiered February 24, 2011 on TLC. 
Episode 1, “Having a Baby in Prison is No Picnic” Donna focuses on surviving an otherwise harsh life in general population; Bobbie makes it a priority to become the mother she never was; and Balbina hopes bonding with her baby allows the opportunity to get back the life she lost to drugs.
Episode 2, “I'm a Dangerous Criminal” (TV-14)
The program represents a chance at redemption for Rebecca; Tammy is solely focused on learning to be a good mother to her disabled daughter; and Heather wants a chance to make amends by learning to become a responsible parent.

Breaking Down the Bars
44 Blue Productions/The Oprah Winfrey Network

This unique series about life behind bars will chronicle the journey of a select group of women in three different stages of incarceration; entering prison, others mid-sentence and a few preparing to re-integrate into society. These women will share their personal journeys of self-discovery and redemption while they try to make peace with their families, their regrets, their hopes, their dreams, and life on the inside. But first, they'll need to break down their own bars, face the why and how so they can begin the long climb back. Breaking Down the Bars, filmed at the Rockville Correctional Facility, premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) on Tuesday, February 14, 2011.

Inmates Got Talent
Doin' Time Entertainment LLC

In this compelling, first-of-its-kind documentary, The Redemption Project: Inmates Got Talent, we visit a medium security prison (with a max section as well) and interact with convicts in a unique, dramatic and ultimately comedic fashion in an effort to help them turn over a new leaf so they can become productive members of society.  This completed unscripted project is about redemption and second chance.  On a national level, statistics issued have shown that up to 75% of convicts return to prison.  With humor and drama, The Redemption Project: Inmates Got Talent explores a way to reverse this trend.  In the film, two fish-out-of-water comedians (Johnny Collins and Joel Jerome) visit Putnamville Correctional in Indiana and organize a talent contest as a way to rehab the prison’s inmates.  The show includes performances by a few established comedians (Steve Wilson, Edwin San Juan and Big Mike Mitchell); as well as inmates who want to pursue the entertainment industry (singing, comedy and acting) as a way to live productive, crime-free lives.  Could a career in comedy, music or acting help rehabilitate some inmates?

Lock Up: Indiana State Prison
44 Blue Productions/MSNBC

Indiana State Prison was built during the Civil War to house prisoners of war. Today, three out of four inmates are in for murder, making it is one of the most dangerous prisons in the country. Documentary producer Hillary Heath took a camera crew inside this "city behind walls" to find out about life on death row, the high level of security needed to protect chaplains from prisoners and to talk to the tough officers that risk their lives keeping order amongst some of the country's most violent criminals.

Lock Up: Inside Wabash Valley
44 Blue Productions/MSNBC

Lockup explore prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations. The series follows offenders housed at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility as they attend disciplinary hearings, receive visits from family, and interact with other inmates. Lock Up is America's top-rated and longest-running prison reality series. This groundbreaking reality television series takes viewers on a gritty, in-depth journey through some of the country's most dangerous maximum-security prisons and jails, capturing all the life and death drama that unfolds every day.

Lock Up Extended Stay: Pendleton Juvenile
Calamari Productions/MSNBC

Pendleton is the last stop in Indiana for young offenders who have committed serious crimes. Unlike adult prisons, staff here must deal with impulsive teen behavior that can escalate without warning. With extraordinary access from the Indiana Department of Correction and the Indiana Supreme Court, Lockup: Pendleton Juvenile takes cameras inside one of America's largest maximum security juvenile prisons to document the daily lives and struggles of nearly 400 teen boys work toward rehabilitation and a future free of crime.

Lock Up Special Investigation: Lake County Juvenile Justice
Calamari Productions/MSNBC

From the confines of America's juvenile detention facilities to the razor wire of juvenile prison to the heart pounding juvenile courtroom hearings where everything is on the line, Lake County Juvenile Justice explores where juvenile crime begins, how it evolves, and what's at stake for kids, families and professionals in the system. Winner of the 2010 AWRT Gracie Allen Award for Outstanding TV series and 2010 Clarion Award for Outstanding Documentary Series.

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Prison Praise

Prison Praise Videos

Terry Harman with Awakenings Community Services, Inc. has created religious-themed music videos.  As a volunteer at the Indiana State Prison, he had these videos professionally made without state funding.  The organization encourages that donations be made to victim assistance funds and charities in honor of the touching stories told in the videos.   To find out more about the program or acquire additional videos, please contact Mr. Harman at (219) 781-9253.

Signs of the TimesJesus See About My SonSomething Better than This

Indiana State Prison Continuing Education Council

The video Setting Boundaries, Saving Lives was produced by the Continuing Education Council (CEC), and the Education faculty at the Indiana State Prison (ISP). The first part of the video features interviews with men who went through the ISP education program, and the second part features a role playing demonstration of how privacy needs to be guarded when dealing with offenders in all settings.  Click here for more information on the CEC.

Setting Boundaries, Saving Lives video


The Indiana Department of Correction, in partnership with the Indiana Project Safe Neighborhoods and U.S. Attorney's Office, created "Choices," a short documentary featuring offenders from the Indiana Women's Prison discussing the bad choices they made and how must deal with them in the future.

Choices Video

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