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*The Result of COVID-19 all Volunteer Activities are Suspended until Further Notice.*

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Substance Abuse Volunteers: The Recovery While Incarcerated (RWI) program is an opportunity for offenders to have addiction recovery services available at any point in incarceration. The program addresses their specific recovery needs rather a “one size fits all” approach. The Sober Living Environment (SLE) is dedicated to teaching that their addiction recovery treatment is a priority and plays an important role in their successful re-entry upon release.
  • Religious Services Volunteers: We are seeking volunteers to supervise services with offenders of the following faith groups: Asatru, Wiccan, Moorish Science Temple of America, Muslim and Native American. Persons interested provide a valuable service in the supervision and accountability of participants and do not have to subscribe to any of these specific faith group in order to volunteer.
  • Fatherhood Program Facilitators: The Fatherhood Program is designed to teach important fathering qualities to the incarcerated offenders. The program provides the offender fathers with consultation in responsibilities and training in positive parenting skills. The offenders learn how to build positive, rewarding and satisfying relationships with his child(ren) during his incarceration and after his release.
  • Re-entry Volunteers: The re-entry programs are important to helping establish better family, work and housing environments upon release. The program focuses on financial issues, finding and maintain suitable living conditions, and family re-unification. The classes are also focused on job skills training for successful job interviews and effective communication. Upon their release, the offenders will have the skills and confidence necessary for a successful re-entry into the community.
  • Read-to-Me Program Volunteers: The Read-to-Me Program is a program offered to offender parents with the opportunity to read books to their children while being recorded on DVD. The book and DVD is mailed to the child once it’s completed. Volunteers are needed for the DVD recording process.
  • Thinking For A Change Facilitators: Thinking for a change is a behavioral change program that involves cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and the implementation of problem solving skills. The curriculum covers how thoughts, feelings and attitudes control our actions. By examining their core thinking, feelings and belief systems, they are working on achieving beneficial goals by learning problem solving skills.
  • PLUS Program Facilitators: The Purposeful Living Units Serve (PLUS) volunteers assist participants in a variety of ways. The 16-20 month program focuses on community living and cognitive changes for successful lifestyle changes. The offenders are required to complete all required classes and participate in community service. The community service ranges from making quilts to volunteering in various areas throughout the facility. The required classes focus on effective communication, healthy lifestyles, transition preparation, and victim impact. The PLUS offenders are held accountable and learn to accept responsibility for their actions. Their successful completion is a positive impact in the incarcerated community as well as their re-entry into society.


  • Fabric, thread, and batting for the PLUS Program.
  • Books (from vendors) for the religious library.

Community Engagement Coordinator

Jackie Storm

Please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation. For general volunteer information, please visit the IDOC Volunteer page.