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Policies and Procedures

Office of the Commissioner

Legal Services

00-01-102 Offender Access to the Courts

00-01-104 Tort Claims for Property Loss

Field Audits

00-02-301 The Offender Grievance Process

Programs and Re-entry


01-01-101 The Development and Delivery of Adult Academic and Vocational Programs

01-01-102 The Development and Delivery of Library Services

01-01-103 The Development and Delivery of Academic and Technical Programs In Juvenile Facilities

Health Care

01-02-101 The Development and Delivery of Health Care Services

01-02-106 The Development and Delivery of Substance Abuse Services

01-02-107 Offender Urinalysis Program

Program Services

01-03-101 The Development and Delivery of Religious Services

01-03-102 Offender Marriage


Inmate Management and Control

02-01-101 Offender Personal Property

02-01-102 Offender Visitation (Adult)

02-01-103 Offender Correspondence

02-01-104 Offender Grooming, Clothing and Personal Hygiene

02-01-105 Telephone Privileges

02-01-115 Sexual Assault Prevention and Reporting

Adult Institutions

02-04-101 The Disciplinary Code for Offenders

02-04-104 Temporary Leaves for Adult Offenders

Juvenile and Field Services

Juvenile Services

03-02-101 Code of Conduct for Juvenile Offenders

03-02-103 The Reporting, Investigation and Disposition of Child Abuse and Neglect

03-02-105 Student Grievance Process

03-02-110 Youth Visitation



04-01-104 Inmate Trust Fund

04-01-106 Gateage, Interstate Compact Fees and Transportation Fees

04-01-301 The Development and Delivery of Foodservices