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Community Corrections Division Staff

Community Corrections Division 

The Community Corrections Division is a unit under the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) Re-Entry Division. The division supports IDOC’s mission to promote public safety by providing meaningful, effective opportunities for successful re-entry.

The Community Corrections Division, in partnership with state and local criminal justice agencies and Community Corrections Advisory Boards, work collaboratively to develop community corrections programs utilized by local courts and the Department of Correction (IDOC) to supervise, sanction and treat offenders in the community as an alternative to incarceration.

The division primary role is to provide state aid through the Community Corrections and Justice Reinvestment Funding as an annual grant in order to support the monitoring, programs, and treatment of adult offenders.  While the division provides funding to support local programs, the division does not operate Community Corrections agencies nor do they directly supervise offenders, the Director, and any of Community Corrections staff. The oversight, policies, procedures are established by the local Community Corrections Advisory Board. The Director and their staff are not IDOC employees, nor do they directly report to IDOC. All staffing oversight is completed by the county.  

 The division’s role is to ensure that services are provided in accordance with the proposed plan and best correctional practices.


The division’s primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Oversight of the Community Transition Program (CTP) accordance with Indiana Code 11-10-11.5,  “Assignment to Community Transition Program”
  • Distribution and expenditure of the division’s state appropriated funding
  • Administration of community corrections and justice reinvestment contracts
  • Monitor Financial, Programmatic, and Operational compliance of grant funded agencies
  • Collection and analysis of grant funded programs and division data
  • Provide training and technical assistance
  • Preparation of reports to the Indiana General Assembly, our criminal justice stakeholders, and the public.


Who We Are

Kristen Banschbach, Director of Community Corrections

Kristen Banschbach was announced as the Director of the Community Corrections Division in October 2017.  Kristen is an Indiana University graduate in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. In addition, she has an extensive study history in Chemistry and Biology.

Kristen has been working in corrections since 2010 and has worked in case management for Marion County Community Corrections, as well as in research and a Program Director for the Indiana Department of Correction. Expanding on her business management degree, Kristen was promoted into the Indiana State Budget Agency as the public safety analyst and served as the liaison for the Budget Director on the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council.  Throughout her career, Kristen has obtained a wide knowledge in business management, budgeting, policy, evidence-based practices, and motivational strategies.

Kristen serves as the chair for the State Team’s Evidence Based Decision Making Professional Development group and as a co-chair for the Indiana Risk Assessment Task Force alongside Mary Kay Hudson from the Indiana Office of Court Services. 


Elizabeth Darlage, Assistant Director of Community Corrections

 Liz Darlage began her career in 2006 with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) as a Re-Entry Specialist, where she conducted duties related to case management and custody in a minimum security prison dedicated to the re-entry of offenders.  She later served as a supervisor in the Classification Department where she oversaw the release process for IDOC offenders within her facility.  Liz also held the position of Unit Team Manager, where she directly supervised ten case management & program staff. 

Liz began as a Program Director with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC), Community Corrections Division in November 2015.  This position afforded her the opportunity to provide technical assistance to counties receiving grant funding.  Liz served as the acting Director of the Community Corrections Division from July 2017 to October 2017.  In October 2017, Liz began the role of acting Assistant Director of the Community Corrections Division. In March 2018, Liz was officially promoted into the position of Assistant Director of Community Corrections. She currently oversees all of the Program Directors within the Community Corrections Division as well as the Community Transition Program. 

Liz has conducted a multitude of trainings over the years and is currently certified to teach: Thinking for a Change (Train the Trainer), Effective Communication and Motivational Strategies, Carey Group BITS & Guides (Train the Trainer), Carey Group Supervisor’s Briefcase (Train the Trainer), Carey Group Quality Assurance (Train the Trainer), Staff Coaching and Development through Motivational Interviewing, and The Leadership Academy (Team Leader/Instructor). 


Community Corrections Research


Angela Estes, Research Director  

Angie Estes is the Research Director for the Community Corrections Division. Angie graduated from IUPUI in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and received her Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in 2008.

Angie began her career as a Research Associate for the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI). She was the Project Manager for the Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS) research study. She traveled nationwide training various community supervision agencies on EPICS and the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS). Angie also assisted with a statewide evaluation of Ohio’s prisons and programs using the iterations of the Correctional Program Checklist (CPC).

After leaving UCCI, Angie accepted a position as a case manager at Marion County Community Corrections where she quickly promoted to Training Coordinator. She later supervised a team of electronic monitoring case managers. She also briefly supervised case managers at Duvall Residential Center before accepting the Research Director position at IDOC.

Angie holds several certifications, including: CPC, EPICS, IRAS/ORAS, The Carey Group Supervisor’s Briefcase (Train the Trainer), and The Carey Group’s Quality Assurance (Train the Trainer). She graduated from the IDOC’s Leadership Academy in 2016.

Angie currently serves as the Co-Chairperson for the State Team’s Evidence-Based Decision Making Data Workgroup.


Tayler Horton, Research Analyst 

Tayler Horton started with the Indiana Department of Correction, Community Corrections Division, in April 2018 as a Program Director. Tayler was then promoted to the Research Analyst for the Community Corrections Division in June 2018. Tayler graduated from Butler University in May 2015 with Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Criminology.

Tayler began her career in June 2015 at Marion County Community Corrections, where she worked for 2 ½ years. Tayler was hired as a Case Manager and was later promoted to a Team Leader. During her time with Marion County, Tayler had the opportunity of serving as the Interstate Transfer Officer and Community Transition Program (CTP) Case Manager in the Electronic Monitoring division. Tayler also served as an Effective Communication and Motivational Strategies (ECMS) Learning Team facilitator.

Tayler is passionate about her work and is excited to be in her role as the Research Analyst with the Community Corrections Division.


 Community Corrections Fiscal Division

  Paula Calaway, Field Auditor

Paula Calaway has worked in the accounting field for 25 years.  She first worked at the Men’s Work Release in 1985.  She then moved to Oklahoma and worked for the state for 9 years.  Upon returning to Indiana, she worked for FSSA for 10 years.  She has been with the Indiana Department of Correction since November 2018 as a Field Auditor in the Community Corrections Division.


 Marla Brewer, Field Auditor


Community Corrections Program Directors 


Dani Garrison, Program Director

Dani Garrison began her career in November 2013 at Plainfield Correctional Facility where she worked for 5 and 1/2 years. While at Plainfield Correctional Facility she worked as a Correctional Officer, Count Room Officer, and the Program Coordinator of Re-Entry. While serving in Re-Entry she was able to complete OWDS training, and with that knowledge was able to implement new avenues to address criminogenic needs and employment barriers in the population she served. Dani is excited to be in this new role and is looking forward to the opportunity to expand her knowledge of Community Corrections, grants, and the entities they serve.


Dena Gill