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Tuition Reimbursement

The Indiana Department of Correction is pleased to introduce the Tuition Reimbursement Program (TRP). The TRP is a state-funded tuition reimbursement program for qualified Department of Correction employees and is designed to assist in defraying the expenses individuals incur when taking educational courses.

The TRP shall only be used for courses that will improve and/or increase the employee’s job skill, contribute to his/her job performance, and prepare the employee for advancement within the Department (TRP does not guarantee any job advancement ).

  1. Requirements for Reimbursement
    TRP is offered to eligible full-time Department employees who have been employed with the department for twelve (12) continuous months. The college/university must be an accredited State of Indiana institution
    1. All applying employees shall familiarize themselves with this Executive Directive and complete the “Acknowledgement of TRP Guidelines” form (attached to this ExecutiveDirective) to acknowledge that has been read and understood.
    2. All participating employees are required to complete eighteen (18) months of continuous employment with the Department upon completion of approved courses.
    3. Participating employees shall submit a TRP packet to the TRP mailbox(TRP@idoc.in.gov ) at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of a course to obtain approval for reimbursement.
    4. The TRP packet shall include the “TuitionReimbursementPreapproval,” the “Tuition Recouping ReimbursementPaymentForm,” the completed“Acknowledgement of TRP Guidelines,” and a course description.
    5. Employees shall be notified by the TRP Committee of approval or denial of reimbursement.
  2. Reimbursement
    The TRP will reimburse the employee for allowable expenses up to seventy-five percent (75%) of cost, but shall not exceed twenty-two hundred dollars($2,200.00) per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).
    1. Allowed Expenses:
      1. Tuition;
      2. Technology fees;
      3. Parking fees;
      4. HumanResourcesfees; and,
      5. Laboratory fees;
      6. If the employee is unsure if an expense is allowable, the employee may contact the TRP Committee at TRP@idoc.in.gov.
    2. Expenses Not Allowed:
      1. Books;
      2. Personal school supplies; and,
      3. Computer equipment;
    3. The end date of the course shall determine the fiscal year when the reimbursement is paid.
    4. Reimbursement is allowable for up to six (6) credit hours per semester.
    5. If a participating employee receives financial aid (Pell grants, scholarships, other financial programs), the amount reimbursed shall be based on the tuition charges less any financial aid received. A loan that must be paid back by the participating employee shall not be considered financial aid.
    6. Participating employees shall only be reimbursed if the course grade is a "C" or better for undergraduate courses and "B" or better for graduate courses.
  3. Procedure:
    1. Applying employees shall submit the completed TRP packet to the TRP Committee for approval at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of a course. The TRP packet may be mailed to the Indiana Department of Correction Attention: Tuition Reimbursement Program, 302 W. Washington St, Room E-334, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or email to TRP@idoc.in.gov.
    2. An incompleteTRPpacket shall be returned to the employee for completion.
    3. The TRP Committee shall review, discuss, and approve or deny the application and return the application, with the written decision and reasons, to the employee.
    4. If approved, the employee shall complete the relevant sections of the “Post ApprovalReimbursement” form, a detailedBursar statement, and a copy of the final grades within sixty (60) days of completion of courses. Any late submissions may be denied upon the discretion of the TRPCommittee.
    5. If any of the information in the TRP packet changes, it is the participating employee’s responsibility to notify the TRP Committee of the change. Some changes may require a newer packet to be submitted.
    6. If the employee leaves the Department before the completion of approved courses, reimbursement shall not be processed.
    7. If the employee is approved for TRP and leaves the Department before finishing the required eighteen (18) months of employment, the employee shall be obligated to repay the Department for the course(s) that have been reimbursed on a prorated basis.
    8. Any questions or concerns the participating employee has shall be directed to the TRP at TRP@idoc.in.gov.

Tuition Reimbursement Forms & Information