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The IDOC provides formal education programs at 14 adult correctional facilities statewide. The State of Indiana contracts with educational service providers to provide literacy, high school equivalency, and vocational certification programming.

Target Population (SY 2018-2019)

There are 25,038 adults housed at facilities where educational services are offered.

  • 2,190 (9%) have at least one college degree
  • 16,322 (65%) have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • 6,526 (26%) are marginally illiterate


The Department considers a successfully gained NRS Level 5 for purposes of Literacy, a successfully obtained TASC/HSE credential for purposes of High School Equivalency and a successfully completed and obtained vocational class and certification for purposes of defining completions.

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 Academic
ABE Completions  
Literacy 884
High School Equivalency 684
Total Completions 1,794

High School Equivalency Instruction

The Department’s research provides a clear message that obtaining a HSE credential while incarcerated may be an effective means of avoiding re-incarceration. While post-secondary education and training programs are denied to un-credentialed drop outs, they are accessible to HSE credentialed individuals. To the extent that post-secondary education and training provide increased opportunities of employment and subsequent wage gains, the HSE functions as a gateway to employment and possible reductions in recidivism. While it is an expensive endeavor to categorize employers’ reactions to HSE holders, it appears that Indiana employers accept an HSE credential as a signal of an applicant’s motivation, commitment to work and other positive attributes.

College Degree Access

Incarcerated adults may participate in an associate or bachelor degree self-pay correspondence program through Oakland City University. The Indiana Department of Correction has two prison specific initiatives to provide high quality college degrees through strategic partnerships with Holy Cross College (Westville Correctional Facility) and Marian University (Indiana Women’s Prison). Holy Cross College is a recipient of U.S. Department of Education’s Second Change Pell Program funding.

Vocation Certification Programming

The Department with the guidance of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development provides vocational programs from Culinary Arts to Welding throughout the adult correctional system. Instructors are certified as occupational specialists by the Indiana Department of Education. The selection of programs offered is largely based on projected employment trends from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Additional Education Information

Title I

The Indiana Department of Correction announces that the local educational agency application for fiscal year 2018, under Part B, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, is completed and will be sent to the Indiana Department of Education, Division of Exceptional Learners.  Before this application is sent to the Indiana Department of Education, it must be made public as a separate document and interested persons given an opportunity to comment thereon. Accordingly, Indiana Department of Correction is hereby inviting interested persons to comment on the context and nature of the application. The components in the application upon which comments are solicited include:

  1. child identification;
  2. least restrictive environment;
  3. confidentiality;
  4. parent involvement;
  5. personnel development;
  6. individualized education programs;
  7. procedural safeguards;
  8. protection in evaluation procedures;
  9. establishment of a full educational opportunities goal; and
  10. use of part b funds.

The application may be examined at the administration offices of the Indiana Department of Correction during regular business hours.  If a copy of the application is desired, please contact John Nally, Director of Education, at 317-233-3111.

Comments on the application may be submitted to:

John Nally
Director of Education
Indiana Department of Correction
302 W. Washington St., E-334
Indianapolis, IN 46204

GED/TASC/HSE Diploma and Transcripts

The Indiana Department of Education (DOE), Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) or the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) do not have copies of GED/TASC/HSE transcripts (score reports) or diplomas. The State of Indiana uses a third party vendor to house and distribute High School Equivalency documentation.

Official copies must be obtained through DiplomaSenderTM. Please visit the following website for copies of GED/TASC/HSE transcripts or diplomas.