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Community Corrections and Justice Reinvestment Grants

Division Grants Overview

Community Corrections & Justice Reinvestment Grants

The Community Corrections Division receives a state appropriation from the Indiana General Assembly. The division falls under the Indiana Department of Correction and the funds are administered as outlined in IC 11-12.

Purpose of the Grant:

Authority IC 11-12

For the purposes of encouraging counties to develop a coordinated local corrections-criminal justice system and providing effective alternatives to imprisonment at the state level, grants are made available to established Community Corrections Advisory Boards under IC 11-12-2-2 to fund:

  • Operations of a Community Corrections Program

  • Operations of a Court Supervised Recidivism Reduction Program (Problem Solving Courts as defined by IC 33-23-16)

Grant funds are also available to provide support or supplemental funding to:

  • Probation Departments

  • Pretrial Diversion Programs (Prosecutor's Diversion)

  • Jail Treatment Programs

The division distributes Community Corrections & Justice Reinvestment Grants to established Community Corrections Advisory Boards for community supervision and residential programs for adult offenders that are re-integrating into the community who, otherwise, would be incarcerated in local jails or state prisons. In addition, we provide support funding to probation departments, court recidivism reduction programs, prosecutor's diversion programs, and jails with mental health and substance abuse treatment programs that target moderate and high risk Level 6 felony offenders and provide evidence-based programming. 

Grant Solicitations 

Terms & Conditions

Grant Funding Awards

  • CY2020
  • FY2019

Community Corrections & Justice Reinvestment Grant Programs

  • Community Corrections
  • Court Recidivism Reduction Programs
  • Probation
  • Prosecutor's Diversion
  • Jail Treatment