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Visiting Guidelines

* Visitation Calendar

On regular business days, Medium Security visits run 8:00 AM – 2:45 PM local time. Visitors may sign in between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. We will attempt to accommodate visits up to two hours.

On weekends and major holidays only, general population visits run 7:00 AM until 2:45 PM local time. Visitors must sign in between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Visits will last up to one hour only. Major holidays are New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday through Sunday), and Christmas Day.

All general population non-contact visitation will occur on the regular visitation day for the housing unit the offender is assigned to. The non-contact visitation will be conducted via video visit between the main gate and the visiting room. Non-contact visitation is limited to 1 hour.

All WCU visits (non-contact) will be conducted via video visit between the main gate and WCU. Families will no longer need to pre schedule their visits. Each offender will be responsible for notifying their visitors of their visit eligibility. All visits will be limited to one hour on a first come first serve basis. Video visit kiosks have one seat, additional chairs will not be provided. Visits will be held on Tuesday, Friday and Sundays only. Registration will be from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Tuesday and Friday and from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sundays.

Minimum Security (R Dorm) - Visits are allowed on weekends and State Holidays from 7:00 AM to 2:45 PM local time.

Medium Security (TC, EC, IC, and GSC) - Visitation rotates once every four days based on the offender's assigned area.  See Visitation Calendar above.

EC visitation will be divided into two visitation groups D and E on day one, and B and C Dorms on second day. Offenders housed on N, O, and P dorms and in the A Building will visit on IC days. Offenders housed on 3 through 10 dorms will visit on GSC days.

* All food items purchased in the visiting room will be removed by the visitor from its original container/wrapper and opened by the visitor at the Officers Desk. The food items will be placed on a provided paper plate THERE ARE TO BE NO OFFENDERS PERMITED IN THE DESIGNATED AREA WHILE THE CONTAINER / WRAPPER ARE BEING REMOVED FROM THE FOOD ITEM. The visitor will then throw the container / wrapper in the trash receptacle prior to the visitor leaving the Officers Desk. The items on the plate must remain in an unobstructed view of the Visiting Room Officer at all times.  Once the visitor returns to the seating area, the food item may then be passed to the offender. Offenders and visitors may not share the food item. Any deviation from this procedure and your visit may be cancelled, and a restriction may be imposed on your visitation. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

*Beginning April 1, 2017 the IDOC will no longer accept any correspondence on colored paper or enclosed in colored envelopes. Incoming correspondence to offenders must be in a plain white envelope and the letter/correspondence inside the envelope must be on originally purchased, plain white, lined paper (no photocopies).  Photos must be printed on standard photo paper.

* An offender may acquire or possess printed matter on any subject.  However, printed matter shall be inspected and may be excluded if the matter is contraband or prohibited property.  An offender must receive printed matter mailed directly from the publisher, the distributor, or an accredited institution of higher learning. Printed matter must be new; the facility will not accept used materials, regardless of its’ origin. Soft back books only. Hard back books, and coloring books will not be allowed. Book companies Amazon and Edward Hamilton will be the only suppliers of newly printed matter allowed into the facility. With prior approval, accredited institutions of higher learning will be held to the same newly printed matter requirements noted previously.

Please remember to always call the facility before coming to visit, for the latest visit updates.

Facility Directions

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