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Facility History

Facility History

The Enabling legislation for the Indiana Department of Correction Work Release Program was enacted in 1967. This legislation allows the Department of Correction to place selected offenders, who are within 12 months of their release, in a community-based Work Release Re-Entry Program to prepare for their transition back into society.

The South Bend Community Re-Entry Center, which is the oldest existing state work release program in Indiana, was established in 1971 under contract with the Indiana Department of Correction. The facility was originally located at 135 S. Olive St. In 1975, the Department of Correction assumed full control of the facility and in 1977 the center was moved to 2421 S. Michigan St. In 2012, the center moved to its present location at 4650 Old Cleveland Rd., South Bend, Indiana, and increased the rated capacity.

The facility provides Re-Entry services to offenders being released throughout northern Indiana and has both a Work Release Program component and Re-Entry Education Program component for the long-term offender. The rated capacity of the facility is 172. The South Bend Parole Office has been co-located with the South Bend Re-Entry Center since 1977.