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The New Castle Correctional Facility strives to provide a full range of correctional services and evidence-based programming including academic, vocational, cognitive behavioral, substance abuse, life skill, and transition planning aimed at addressing the criminogenic needs and reducing the potential for recidivism of individuals comprising a diverse population of minimum security, maximum security, protective custody, severely mentally ill, and sex offenders within a facility governed by the highest level of safety and security operational standards.

The following programs are available to the NCCF inmate population:
•Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)
•Literacy/Life Skills
•English as Second Language (ESL)
•Thinking for a Change 4.0 (T4C)
•Addiction Recovery
•Purposeful Living Units Serve (PLUS)
•Career Development Training
•Indiana Sex Offender Management and Monitoring (INSOMM)
•Military Veterans Unit (HUMV)
•Vocational-Building Trades, Horticulture, Culinary Arts, Barbering, In2Work (Aramark), Master Student/Master Employee, and Business Computer Applications
•Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeships
•Creative Arts Program (CAP)
•Canine Companion
•Striving Towards a New Direction (STAND)
•Indiana Pre-Release Orientation
•Holistic Orientation and Progressive Environment Unit (HOPE)
•Sober Housing Addiction Recovery Environment (SHARE)
•Suicide Companion
•ACT Phase 5 (Action-Consequences-Treatment)
•Outpatient Psychiatric Services
•Anger Management
•Healthy Relationships